Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Little Man In The House

Just a little update on Tuff and how he is doing..as you can see he is quit the little man. Ashley brought him this morning with this sweet outfit with a hat and it lasted about 5 minutes...so I had to get a few pics of him wearing it.

He is around 141/2 pounds. He loves to try and stand in your lap. He smiles and coos all the time and likes to be talked to constantly....

This is Tuff with his mama and daddy

and his first time sitting in his bumbo seat that Auntie April let him use. He wasn't quit sure about it and I don't think he is quit strong enough yet. But we had fun letting him try it out.

Tuff loves his play mat for about 15 minutes tops. But he loves bright colors and is trying to hold onto little toys.

All in all MeMe and Tuff have a pretty busy day. He takes about a 2 1/2 to 3 hour nap in the mornings and then another hour to hour and 1/2 in the afternoons.
I will say grandbabies are alot different than your own. MeMe and Papa don't let him cry and he gets lots of loving during the day. Then he gets more when he gets home with mama and daddy.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Guess Who's 2 Months Old????

That's right this sweet boy was 2 months old on Monday....
and he has been doing a whole lot of cooing and smiling
and gaining a whole lot of weight. He now weighs 13 lb 7 oz

and is just the sweetest little boy ever!!!!
This has been my second week keeping Tuff and I have loved every minute. I don't get a whole lot done since he likes to be entertained and of course MeMe doesn't mind at all...I love him to pieces and I could just eat him up, he has so much sweetness.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Long Time No Blog

Well I haven't been around this past month much because we have had so much going on. To start my BIL had to return to the hospital for a little more treatment and now he is almost as good as new. He is doing great. He will be staying with us and his mom during the next month while we try to find housing for him. So please keep that in your prayers. It is so important that we can find him affordable and safe housing.

I had a dentist appt. week before last to have an old filling removed and a new one put in it's place. Well, I just hate the dentist. I am so tensed up even when I go in for cleanings. I just don't want my teeth being messed with. Well, unfortunately I kept feeling him drilling the old filling out and I just couldn't stand it. I was terrified!!! So he put a temporary filling in and gave me 2 Valiums and said to take one that night at bedtime and one the next morning an hour before I go back in. Well, I have never taken a Valium and was scared to death!! So I didn't take the one at bedtime because I kept thinking I wouldn't wake up! So I took one an hour before my appt. and I am going to be honest. It didn't do a thing for my nerves and I still kept feeling his drilling!! He finally finished but now I have another next to the same tooth and I am suppose to go back this Tuesday and I keep thinking of ways to postpone. I think I just may have a panic attack. He did say that this filling is not as deep as the one he just finished but now I am terrified. Has anyone had this problem with going to the dentist or am I just a wimp????

I have been sick for the past week. I thought I might have the (ssshhhh swine flu) but I am pretty sure it was an upper respiratory thingy going on. I am still suffering from the dreaded cough and runny nose but my head and chest feel much better. But now I have passed it on to Boogs....And we all know when a man is sick the whole house should cater to them!! Ha! Anyway hopefully we will all be better by this next week.

We are all still waiting on a court date for our sweet Harrison to be able to come home to us. April and Brandon received a new picture of him sitting in a walker and he has the cutest smile. I am praying this will happen soon. We are praying he will be home by the holidays but the way things are going we are not so sure.

Tuff is growing like a week. He will 2 mos old on Tuesday and he is growing out of 3 mos clothes!! He is starting to smile a lot and coo, and he loves to kick those little fat legs!! I don't have a new picture of him but Ashley said she will bring her camera and let me put some up. My camera's batteries are dead and I keep forgetting to get new ones. I need to get with the MeMe program!! Ha!
This pic is about 3 weeks old!! I know, I am being terrible with pictures. Promise to have updates soon!