Saturday, July 30, 2011

I Never Thought…….

I would follow a blog that belongs to a DOG!!! Well, at least he is a mantastically handsome dog!!  Thought I would officially welcome Higgins to the world wide blog web!!


So if you just can’t stand the suspense, head on over to and to check out his very own blog and say a ruff ruff, or eh a hello, to Higgins so he will feel the love from all the awesome bloggers out there.

I know I’m crazy!! Hope everyone has a fabulous day!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Little Sprinkle For Baby Gunner


Last Sunday, the day after Tuff’s birthday party, we had a “Sprinkle” type shower/Brunch for baby Gunner.  We didn’t have a big crowd but it was nice to be able to sit in a secluded area so we could talk and visit!  The food was yummy and the company was sweet and we are all getting all excited about Baby Gunner’s arrival. 



We only have about 5 more weeks before we welcome Gunner’s sweet face and we are all getting pretty excited!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Birthday To Our Sweet Lucas Tuff

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!! MeMe and PaPa love you to pieces and could not imagine life without your sweet face with those BIG brown eyes. 



I am overwhelmed with feelings of disbelief as today is your 2nd birthday!! Seriously?? I just can’t believe how time has flown by! 

You have been so sweet the past few days.  Giving out love to me and your “Pah” (as you have chosen to call Papa) Of course I don’t get all that love until Pah leaves for work and then you decide I am worthy enough for it! Ha!  You are such a Pah’s boy.  The very first thing you want to do when you get here every morning is go for a ride in Pah’s truck.  Of course Pah is right there ready to go!!  Your personality is really coming out and I see more smiles each day!  You have started being a typical 2 year old with little “terrible 2” episodes.  And you are such a little helper.  Today you helped me dust the walls and you had a ball climbing the ladder trying to do what I was doing.




We had your birthday party this past weekend and it was the Curious George theme!! So MeMe and Pah got you 2 Curious George t=shirts.  Eee Eee (Curious George)  is your favorite movie right now and I love it because when I was a little girl I loved monkeys and I even had a stuffed monkey that I loved and carried everywhere.

Always know that your MeMe and “Pah” love you to pieces and that the joy that you bring to us each day is humbling!

Monday, July 11, 2011

What I’ve Been Up To!!


Just a quick update on my mama.  She is doing just great!! Her doctor said that she has done so good and he says that is due to not having any other health issues.  She has to wait 1 more week before she can drive and then she is good to go.  God is so good!!

Ok now for my little spa week with my cousin!  We had an amazing time!  We didn’t really do the spa thing everyday.  We did have a facial on Thursday and it was wonderful!!

So I fly out on Sunday morning with beautiful weather and slightly calm nerves!  My flight went amazingly fast and I was thankful for that!  We stayed at my cousins house on Sunday night and had a really relaxing afternoon/evening.  Her husband grilled steaks for us and we had a nice spread of steak, baked sweet potato, sautéed asparagus and mushrooms and the best bread I have ever put in my mouth. 


On Monday I got up early of course and while everyone else was still sleeping, except Cole, I was up having coffee and checking Facebook, emails etc. and enjoying this view…….


We all got out of the house by noon and headed out to have lunch before we were off to our resort.  We ate at Captain Eddie’s Seafood and of course it was wonderful!   I had the fried rock shrimp and it was yummo!!! It was so nice to have seafood that actually tasted like real seafood and not froze


We arrived at our Resort at 3pm sharp and it was buzzing with activity! It was the 4th of July and we quickly realized that the resort offers the general public access to the pool and grounds on this day for a fee of $25.  So it was quite busy on the 4th.  We decided to eat close to the resort since by the time we got checked in and settled it was late afternoon and the fireworks were gonna start at 9pm.  So we headed across the street to Crispers and we really loved it!! We had flatbread salad which was delish.


and for dessert we tried Gelato (which is Italian ice cream) and we chose coconut and I have to say it was the best ice cream I have ever had.  We ended going across the street every night to get a scoop (or we may have had 2 scoops) of this yummy goodness!!


Then we headed back to our resort to wait for the fireworks…





On Tuesday we headed out for a day at Caledesi Island which is a remote little island that we had to take a ferry to get to.







We spent about  4 hours out there under an umbrella and just enjoyed the beautiful day! The view of the ocean was just like being in the Caribbean.

And then we decided we would rent a kayak and step out of the box and do something neither of us have never done.





These birds can get pretty aggressive and mad when it comes to food.  This bird was a little mad when we wouldn’t give up our little snack we were having..


That night we had dinner at a Japanese restaurant which was okay but we enjoyed the atmosphere and then a little drink when we returned to our resort.




and then we headed out to the pier for this beautiful sunset that God blessed us with…..





On Wednesday we headed out for the mall to browse and stay a little cooler than the day before.  I didn’t get any pics of the outing.  We did get lost and lots of laughs.  But we found our way and had a nice time.  We decided we would just eat at the mall and had chick fila for dinner and of course we had the famous coconut gelato when we returned to our resort.

On Thursday we had our facial that was scheduled in the afternoon so we hung around our resort that morning then went to Burlington Coat Factory for a little browsing and planned on dinner at Clearwater beach that evening.

The weather turned a little rainy so we didn’t get to walk the beach like we planned but still had a great dinner of fish dip for appetizer and  Grouper sandwich’s at Frenchy’s.



This was the view of the sky on our way back to our resort.  We made it just before the big belly washer started and let me tell you….. once it started it didn’t stop!!   It went on all night and was still going strong when we checked out and we drove for a solid hour and a half in torrential rain on our way to the airport.  Boy were we glad when it stopped.  It certainly makes for a stressful drive.



I made it to the airport and the rain stopped right before I loaded the plan so I was so thankful for that.  My flight home was a little more “bumpy” but I made it safe and sound.  Thanks to my SIL for picking me up at the airport.

I had a busy weekend, with Tuff’s birthday party, Ashley’s baby shower brunch and getting Victoria off for camp.  Will do a post on all of that soon.