Monday, July 18, 2011

A Little Sprinkle For Baby Gunner


Last Sunday, the day after Tuff’s birthday party, we had a “Sprinkle” type shower/Brunch for baby Gunner.  We didn’t have a big crowd but it was nice to be able to sit in a secluded area so we could talk and visit!  The food was yummy and the company was sweet and we are all getting all excited about Baby Gunner’s arrival. 



We only have about 5 more weeks before we welcome Gunner’s sweet face and we are all getting pretty excited!!

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  1. I wish we could've came! We left to come back to SC that day. But, Joe didn't open my mail while I was in TN, so I didn't even see my invitation until Sunday night! I have something for baby Gunner that I'm bringing in August!