Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thankful For Love, Laughter and Family

We decided we would head on down south to spend the Thanksgiving Holiday with my side of the family this year.  We had an uneventful drive there and back and I am truly grateful for that! Believe me I was stressing the drive during a Holiday week but it ended up being great! But you know, I had to worry the trip in the ground before we left and also the trip back but that’s just how I roll.

Anyway, we all (with the exception of BreeAnn, Ada and Will) headed down on Tuesday night and we all arrived safely! It was go go go the whole time.  We had Taco Soup that Wednesday night at my baby sister’s house since that was pretty easy and not a Thanksgiviness meal.  Oh boy is our family growing by leaps and bounds!!!

On Thanksgiving day we all headed back over to baby sister’s house and had fabulous food, weather and visiting!!  I couldn’t help having this huge feeling of Thankfulness come over me being able to be home for the holiday.  I got to see my two sister’s that are having to adjust to some big changes in their lives.  The baby sister will be having her first baby at the age of 38 and she looks amazing! And my big sister is having to learn to live with the recent diagnosis of MS.  I will say it was not easy seeing her struggle with her leg while walking.  I can tell she is trying to be so strong and not really let on that this disease is definitely a challenge for her. 


Me and my Mama


Me and Big Sister Lisa


Me and Baby Sister Stacey

We also had a surprise 70th birthday party for my Mama on Friday night and she was so surprised!!! Her friend of 48 years even surprised her by coming up for the party and boy was she surprised!!!









And these are a few more pictures from our visit!!


My beautiful nieces Christy and Carrie


My sweet nephew Bobby


Me, my mama, and sister’s Lisa and Stacey


My mom and great nephew Austin


Lee with 4 of our kids…April, Lee, Mark, Ashley and Victoria


Lee with his son Mark and his wife Sarah



GiGi with Tuff


Ashley with our sweet nephew Jayden


My niece Christy and her boyfriend Jason


My newest great nephew Jayden

Sunday, November 14, 2010

One Year!! Harrison’s Gotcha Day!

Harrison, today it has been one year since God blessed our family with the privilege of you being a part of our lives.  I don’t even know how to explain in words how you have blessed our family! You have been such a fun little boy and it amazes me how much you are so much like your mama! You are such a fun little boy to be around! My favorite thing is when I walk in the room and you run with your arms wide open and jump into my arms and lay your head on my shoulder with that big sweet smile on your face.  I don’t think you even know yet what that does to my heart!! Harrison, don’t ever forget that you are such a special blessing to all of us and we love you to the moon and back.



I love you sweet boy! and I am so excited to be able to be your MeMe and to be a part of your life!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Candy Day

Halloween 2010 018

This is a little late but I have been really busy the last few days and haven’t really felt that great either, so here goes…..

Our little town celebrated Halloween on Saturday night since it was actually on a Sunday.  I personally like that better because I like my Sunday’s to be lazy and relaxing so I can be ready for my Monday.  So we went over to my daughter’s house so I could give out candy for her while she took Tuff trick or treating.  Well it didn’t quite work that way since there were no trick or treaters!! So we all took off to go to the middle of our little town where everyone who is everyone goes to trick or treat.  This is sorta like our main street but it’s called College Street.  They block off the road on each end and you have to find parking which isn’t too hard, and then you take off with your kiddos and walk.  The street is not very long at all and it’s so nice because there is not traffic to worry about.  You see everybody you know and everybody is stopping to talk and admire all the costumes.  So I am really glad we went and I am hoping we can make this a tradition for the little ones. 



The cousins…Tuff is in love with Ada



Ada was a sweet little Fairy


and Tuff was a scary Scarecrow

Tuff and Ada loved loved loved all the excitement and Tuff caught on real quick like what his candy bucket was used for and he just went up every sidewalk and got his candy and just kept on walking.  I was surprised since he doesn’t like to much chaos where strangers are involved.  Ada was just amazed at all the people and she loved being outside at night.  I don’t think she really knew exactly why we were out there but she was all into it.

My Harrison was not able to make it to go with us since his daddy’s work had a Fall Carnival and that’s where he was so no pictures yet of him in his sock monkey costume.

Both boys have been sick.  Harrison has bronchitis and Tuff has a severe sinus infection and Ada had tubes put in her ears yesterday.  Boy the sickness is starting early this year.  I don’t remember my kids getting sick so much when they were little and my Mom said that we were never sick.  It must be something in the air now days.

Hope everyone has a great week!