Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sickness, Snow, Sickness and More Sickness!!

Well the title certainly tells it all when it comes to happenings around our house since the new year has begun!! All of you know that Harrison was in the hospital for almost a week with pneumonia.  Well a few days after he came home he came down with the stomach bug that a few of us had the previous week.  Well, then his mom and dad got the bug a few days later, and then wonders of all wonders we had big snow come in and hubby and Victoria stayed at April’s because it was just easier for the hubby to get to and from work.  Needless to say this is the first time that it has snowed here for 3 days straight and the snow stayed on the ground for a solid 6 days!! Our road was awful and hubby even had to be pulled up a small hill at the end of our road. 

So during these 4 days that I was home alone, not leaving the house, I decide to come down with a sinus infection!! I am still fighting to get over it but am starting to feel somewhat better.  Then Harrison goes back to the doctor on Thursday and you will never guess what our sweet boy was diagnosed with!!!  THE FLU!!!!  yep, so our family has really been through it this year.  The stomach bug went through our whole family, and then Tuff goes to the doctor for his 18 month check up and has a 100.4 fever!!! Go figure!! The doctor said it was ‘viral”!!!!

We are praying that this sickness is finally gone from our family.  Harrison has not been here for 3 weeks and he started coming back this week and we really missed him around here.  Tuff was certainly happy to have him back and they have played so well the past few days.  Also, Ada hasn’t been here but a few days a week since mama was on break from college and didn’t work the week it snowed so we are slowly getting back to our normal routine around here.

Hope everyone is having a blessed and much healthier New Year.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Harry Boy Is Going Home


Harrison was released from the hospital tonight and he is back to his sweet, crazy, active, funny, loving self and we thank our Lord for answered prayers!! Thank you all for praying.

My Sweet Boy Harrison–An Update


Well, our Harry Boy is stilling in the Children’s Hospital working hard on getting well so he can go home.  It definitely has a stressful, emotional and heartbreaking time for all of us.  Me and hubby were up there most of the day on Tuesday and I have to say that Harrison was definitely not himself.  He slept the whole time and when he did wake up he was very lethargic and had no energy at all.  This was devastating to us.  But by that night, after we left, he was coming around just a little.  He stayed awake long enough for the ride to and from X-ray.  By morning he was showing even more improvements and by last night we all thought he would be coming home today.  Well during the night his heart rate dropped a few times so an EKG and blood work were ordered.  Doctors haven’t mentioned going home yet so we are all praying all the tests come back with positive results so our boy can go home.  So all in all he progressing well but it just seems like after he gets over on hurtle there are 2 more to get over. 


hospital 004

hospital 005

Thank you so much for all the sweet prayers that are being said on Harrison’s behalf.  Please continue praying for him to recover soon and for his Mom and Dad so they can get back to his own home and bed. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Prayers Please

We are asking for prayers for our sweet Harrison! He was diagnosed with pneumonia last Friday and was sent home to be treated as outpatient!  Well we all had an uneasy feeling about this decision since Harrison has issues with his lungs, especially during the winter months!  On Sunday morning back to the doctor he went and a decision was made to admit him into the children’s hospital.  He has been on quite the roller coaster ride since and finally as of yesterday afternoon his lungs were doing a little better.  We don’t know exactly how long he will be there but know that he is in excellent care!! Pray for mom and dad as this is their first “hospital” experience and they aren’t a big fan.  Harrison also is NOT digging the “hospital” thing either.  He is very uncooperative when anyone comes in that is hospital staff and then makes it tougher on mom and dad.

I know there are so many sick babies/children out there that also need prayers.  So please say a little prayer for all these children also. 

This is Harrison The Great being a brave little man before he was transported by ambulance!!



Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bring On 2011

Happy New Years to all my blog friends!! I hope everyone has a blessed and prosperous year!! 

Me? Well, I brought in the new year with a nasty stomach virus! Yuck!

New Years day is also my birthday and I had plans to go have a nice lunch with my family but since I had the stomach bug (and so did Victoria), and Harrison has pneumonia we decided it would be in everyone’s best interest to postpone my birthday dinner for another day.  I am feeling much better this afternoon but my little Harry Boy is not feeling to good.  He has such a hard time in the winter anyway with his breathing and I’m sure this has been really hard on him and Mama and daddy!!

I don’t really do resolutions because I don’t end up sticking with it.  I want to try and just live a little healthier and really just soak up all the blessings I’m given everyday. 

Happy New Years!!!