Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Sweet Boy Harrison–An Update


Well, our Harry Boy is stilling in the Children’s Hospital working hard on getting well so he can go home.  It definitely has a stressful, emotional and heartbreaking time for all of us.  Me and hubby were up there most of the day on Tuesday and I have to say that Harrison was definitely not himself.  He slept the whole time and when he did wake up he was very lethargic and had no energy at all.  This was devastating to us.  But by that night, after we left, he was coming around just a little.  He stayed awake long enough for the ride to and from X-ray.  By morning he was showing even more improvements and by last night we all thought he would be coming home today.  Well during the night his heart rate dropped a few times so an EKG and blood work were ordered.  Doctors haven’t mentioned going home yet so we are all praying all the tests come back with positive results so our boy can go home.  So all in all he progressing well but it just seems like after he gets over on hurtle there are 2 more to get over. 


hospital 004

hospital 005

Thank you so much for all the sweet prayers that are being said on Harrison’s behalf.  Please continue praying for him to recover soon and for his Mom and Dad so they can get back to his own home and bed. 

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  1. I can't imagine how hard this week has been on everyone! Praying he comes home soon!