Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas part II

This morning we went over to have Christmas with BreeAnn, James and Ada.  They got back into town late last night from her family in Mississippi!  Ada wasn’t in the most festive of moods since she was probably tired from the quick and long trip.  But we enjoyed her anyway!!

100_6001She got new squeaky shoes that she just loves!!

100_6005I think she is calling in reinforcements to stop the Christmas present madness!!


100_6010Cooking for Papa on her new kitchen set!!

100_6012Showing Papa a little love!

100_6013She thought Papa was so funny talking on her phone!


100_6021Done with the pictures!! She will appreciate all the chaos of taking pictures one day!! Ha!

100_6022Time for a little breakfast with her wild hair!!

Christmas has come and gone from our house for the year!! Wishing everyone a Happy New to come in 2012!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!



We have had a wonderful Christmas, celebrating the birth of our Savior!! He is the main reason for this season!  We started our celebration out by going to the Candlelight service at church and then headed over to my daughter and son-in-law’s for finger foods and to exchange gifts with the grandbabies!  We really had a nice time and all the kids were really good and were so excited about their gifts.



100_5957The only picture I got of little Gunner since he fell asleep before we opened gifts!


100_5981Aunt Tori handing out gifts!

100_5975Harrison loves his Aunt Tori!

100_5964I love my little Harrison!  He is growing up so fast and looking more and more like a little man!!

100_5963My little girl is growing up on me!!


Aunt Melissa with her niece’s!! We only missed BreeAnn and Ada this year!

And then this morning we got up so Tori could open her gifts, then we got ready and headed out for church.  Came home and had all the kids and grandkids, sister-in-law and brother-in-law over for a small dinner and then we all took naps!  We had a little fun on my bed before nap!!




Brother’s and Sister!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful day with many blessings!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Shopping? NOT!

Today I took my brother-in-law shopping for some much needed wardrobe updates and a few other wants that he wanted.  I had all intentions on tackling and completing my shopping for the grandbabies!  Well, by the time I finished helping Kevin I didn’t even feel like shopping for the grandbabies! Ha!  So I guess I will be a last minute shopper, as usual, again this year.  Oh well, it seems that I have the best luck when I go last minute so I’m not gonna complain.  I will just embrace my procrastination again this year!

The traffic and crowds don’t even bother me as they usually would any other time of the year!! So I guess that is a blessing! Ha!

Hope all of you are enjoying some last minute shopping as well!!  Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tis The Season To Be Jolly??

It seems as Christmas is quickly approaching, that I am a little more sad than in past years!  This just happened to be my Mother-In-Law, Carols favorite time of year.  She would start at the end of November, after Thanksgiving, baking and getting her baked to goods to her family and friends at her apartment.   Mainly, she would back fruit cakes for her son, Kevin who LOVES her fruit cake.  He was the only one who would get her fruit cake since none of her other kids or grandkids liked it.  But this year Kevin won’t be getting any of her fruit cake!  And her cookies and banana bread? Well, that’s what me and Melissa looked forward to! Me and her daughter, Melissa loved her banana bread made from scratch with real banana’s.  Not the box kind that I make.  And her other son, my husband loved her peanut butter cookies!  So it’s the little things that seem to be getting to me.  She would always wear the gawdy Christmas jewelry that none of us would ever wear but for some reason she always looked so sweet wearing it!

I had a doctors appointment yesterday just for my yearly physical.  We share the same AWESOME doctor who we just love dearly and she loves us!  I haven’t seen her since Moms passing and as soon a she walked in the room I just started crying!  I knew it was coming before she even came in.  She loved our Mom a lot and treated her very well and always made sure every ache and pain was checked out thoroughly!! I don’t know of many people who just LOVE their doctor but she is more like family to us than just our doctor!  So I just cried the whole time while telling her about the week we were in that trauma unit with mom.  She just sat there and let me cry and talk and cry and talk.  I don’t feel like I have really had/or taken the time to really grieve the loss of my Mother-In-Law.  I loved her a lot and I have a lot of guilt for not spending as much time with her in the past 2 years.  I had grandbabies to keep, she got married and it just seemed like we were both so busy.  But I feel like I should have tried harder.  I am thinking this is a normal part of grieving!  I hope it passes soon.  I know she wouldn’t want anyone to have guilty feelings. 

So I want this time of the year to be a celebration of our Mom!  She loved her kids, grandkids and great grandkids with her whole heart!  She would want us to carry on with good cheer in honor of her!  So we will carry on the tradition of going to the Candle Light Service at church followed by finger foods and gift exchange at one of our houses. 

One more thing, it was Harrison’s birthday on the 11th and we went to the Christmas Musical that night then to have cake and ice cream with him.  I wanted to sing the birthday song that Mom always sang to us and I couldn’t remember all the words.  This really upset me! She has sung this song for each of us for years and I always loved it.  To me she could sing like an angel and she didn’t agree.  So I came home and googled the song and was so happy that I found it!!

So my prayer for this season is that Mom is watching us from heaven while she is celebrating our Saviors Birth and we are making her proud as we do the same.

Merry Christmas Mom!!! I love and miss you!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Harrison



Harrison you are 3 years old today! I can hardly believe how fast time has gone.  You are such a sweet little man and MeMe and Papa love you dearly!  I just loved hearing say “It’s my Birthday”.  But what I love most of all is when I come through the door and you run to me with your arms wide, saying “MEEEEEMEEEEE”.  I couldn’t ask to hear sweeter words from my sweet little 3 year old man.  You make MeMe and Pap so proud!  You are definitely gonna do great things and I can’t wait to watch your little life unfold.

Me and Papa loved seeing play at Chucke Cheese.  You play with all your heart and it’s such sweet times.  I didn’t get any good pictures since all I had was my phone and they turned out blurry.  We enjoyed coming over to have cake and watch you blow out your 3 candles with such gusto!!! These are sweet memories, sweet boy and I will cherish them forever!!


I am truly a Blessed MeMe!!

Happy Birthday sweet boy!!!