Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Shopping? NOT!

Today I took my brother-in-law shopping for some much needed wardrobe updates and a few other wants that he wanted.  I had all intentions on tackling and completing my shopping for the grandbabies!  Well, by the time I finished helping Kevin I didn’t even feel like shopping for the grandbabies! Ha!  So I guess I will be a last minute shopper, as usual, again this year.  Oh well, it seems that I have the best luck when I go last minute so I’m not gonna complain.  I will just embrace my procrastination again this year!

The traffic and crowds don’t even bother me as they usually would any other time of the year!! So I guess that is a blessing! Ha!

Hope all of you are enjoying some last minute shopping as well!!  Merry Christmas!!


  1. I have procrastinated this year, too and I am vowing to never do it again! I've paid tripile shipping for two things and then another won't even make it here by Christmas! I'm going tomorrow and getting it all finished!!

  2. I have waited to the last minute too!!! No money to shop with equals last minute shopping :( hopefully we are going today to get Beau a few things and that will be all the shopping we are doing! Oh well, maybe next year will be better....