Monday, September 10, 2012

Hello There!!

Yes, it’s been a while (a loooonnnnng while) since I have blogged.  I really don’t know why though…..Maybe blogger’s block? Being a fulltime MeMe?  Being a fulltime wife and mother?? or maybe it’s just been that I haven’t really wanted too?  I would say the last is the real reason.  I don’t know why but I thought I would give it whirl today!

Since I blogged last my daughter Ashley, turned 26!! and my oldest baby turned 28!! Wow I missed blogging about 2 of my children’s birthdays!! Our grandson, Lucas Tuff turned 3, and his little brother, Gunner Blake, turned 1!!  and our little Butter Bean (Ada) turned 2!! I feel bad that I didn’t document these special occasions.  But it is what it is so I will move on and try to do better in the future!

We have a new grandbaby, Zoe Gene Taylor!! She was born on June 14th.  And I have to say she is just too precious!! She lives in Florida so we have only gotten to love on her a few times while we were down visiting!! Hoping one day they will move up to be close to us. 

We layed hardwood floors (which I’m not really thrilled with the wood we went with but it’s better than carpet and I am thankful for what we have), replaced all our exterior doors which haven’t been painted yet, and our baseboards haven’t been replaces.  So needless to say I am one of those people who start a project and never finish.  I can’t say never finish,  it’s probably that I have been lazy about getting them painted so they can be replaced. 

I have been doing some projects like, painting some furniture, making some pinterest projects, and getting some pretty good deals at a few yard sales!! I got a round table and 3 chairs for $18!! Now that’s a deal.  Thanks to my cuz, Patrice for talking them down $2.  It was marked $20, not a bad deal but some how it' doesn’t seem like a deal unless you talk them down a few dollars!! Ha! 

Me and Patrice made a cool wreath we saw on Pinterest that we are pretty proud of and also some pears we made out of light bulbs.  So we have been getting pretty creative lately. 

I will be heading to Oklahoma in a few weeks to visit my cousin for our yearly trip!! They moved from Florida to Oklahoma due to her husbands job.  So we decided this year that we would just stay at her house and do some exploring there since she has just finished moving.  So I am really excited about that!!

I’m sure I have missed a lot of updates but this is all I can think of for now!! So until next time…..Hope everyone has a blessed daySmile

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Seriously????  My baby girl is 14 already?  Victoria turned 14 yesterday, March 13th…….Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!

Victoria, you have grown so much this past year!! You are becoming more and more like a young lady that I hope you will always be.  Now I’m not saying that your teenage attitude has gone bye bye but it is getting somewhat better.  Me and your daddy are so proud of you.  and today you are off to the high school for “lions camp” they call it.  Where you go and walk around with a high school student who has the same future interests as you….How fun is that?  I know it also has to be a little scary but you will do just fine.  I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around the fact that you will be in high school in a few short months….

Just always put God first, respect yourself and your values and never waiver from what me and your daddy have taught you and you will do just fine!!

Happy Birthday honey!!