Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Seriously????  My baby girl is 14 already?  Victoria turned 14 yesterday, March 13th…….Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!

Victoria, you have grown so much this past year!! You are becoming more and more like a young lady that I hope you will always be.  Now I’m not saying that your teenage attitude has gone bye bye but it is getting somewhat better.  Me and your daddy are so proud of you.  and today you are off to the high school for “lions camp” they call it.  Where you go and walk around with a high school student who has the same future interests as you….How fun is that?  I know it also has to be a little scary but you will do just fine.  I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around the fact that you will be in high school in a few short months….

Just always put God first, respect yourself and your values and never waiver from what me and your daddy have taught you and you will do just fine!!

Happy Birthday honey!!

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  1. Ehhm... Don't forget to mention it's been 3 months since you posted last! Oh and you have 3 new grandbabies to add on your side bar. Just sayin'