Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A MeMe of 6? Seriously?


I thought I would update everyone on our new additions that will be joining our family this year!!  Ashley is due on August 23rd with another baby boy, Gunner Blake, and so far he is growing healthy and quit fast!! He will be here before we know it!

Meet Gunner Blake Alford


And……April and Brandon and Harrison will be adding to their family of 3 with TWINS!!!!!  A little girl who is named Sophie and a little boy who is named Greer!! Love both names and already have that love that a MeMe gets for her grandbabies going on inside!!  They will be going to bring the twins home sometime this fall from South Korea!  

Meet Sophie!


Meet Greer!


I can’t believe how fast our family is growing!! I had just asked for 1 grandbaby and I got blessed with 3 within  a year!! and now I will be a MeMe of 6!!!  I know it’s crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ada’s First Birthday


On Sunday afternoon we celebrated our girls first birthday!  She had lots of fans there to help her get her party on!!

100_5018MeMe and Papa with our Butter Bean

100_5034Mama and daddy and Ada

100_5009Pawpaw Parker and Ada

100_5024Tuff cheesin it for MeMe

100_5046Nana and Ada

100_5060Ada lovin her cake

100_5077Present time! Tuff was helping!!

100_5089More presents


Sadly, Harrison was under the weather with a virus and high fever so he wasn’t able to join in on the celebration, but he is feeling better now!

So that’s the end to our long weekend.  I think Ms. Ada is truly blessed!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Busy Busy Weekend


We had a very busy weekend, one of the busiest we’ve had in a long time.  On Friday, we woke up to wish our Butter Bean a happy 1st birthday! And to top it off at 6 am we had a yard sale that was a big mistake.  On Friday we didn’t get the first person to stop by and Saturday we only had 2 people stop.  I just really hate yard sales and it’s been a long long while since the last one.  Well, let me tell you, this was the LAST one.  Never again.

My youngest daughter, Victoria, decided she wanted to be in the Good Ole Day’s Pageant!  Well, we were all shocked but excited she wanted to do this.  She is pretty shy and not much on attention to herself.  She did a great job for a first timer and we are so proud. 







She didn’t place but we didn’t enter for her to “win”,  we just wanted her to do her best and be proud of herself! and I think she accomplished that! All the girls were beautiful and did a great job.

Then on Saturday morning our Butter Bean was in the Miss Teeny pageant and we had to be there at 8:15 am!!  After not getting home till 11:30 pm the night before that was pretty early!   Our Butter Bean didn’t place but she had a great time and this MeMe thinks she’s the cutest thing ever and that’s all that matters.  But seriously all the little ones were adorable and I would have given them all a ribbon!  haha!!





This is Ada with her PawPaw Parker! He sponsored her for the Miss Teen Pageant! 

Then on Sunday we had Ada’s birthday party!  I will do another post on that soon. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday To Our Sweet Butter Bean


Oh goodness!! Where has the time gone? Our little Butter Bean (Ada) is 1 year old today! 

Happy Birthday Butter Bean!!!


Ada you have brought so much joy to your MeMe and Papa and we love watching you grow and learn everyday! 

One year ago today we welcomed you into our lives and our hearts! We love you baby girl and hope your day is fabulous!!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Got a Makeover!!


Yes, as you can tell I received a much needed makeover on my blog from my sweet cousin, Patrice!! I am so excited because this is my first blog change since I started blogging!! and I LOVE IT!!!!!! It is so whimsical and less oldish? (is that a word? oh well I just made it one for today! HA)!  and more owlish (and that is a word cause I just looked it up) hehe!!   I was in much need of a more up-to-date blog look and Patrice got it just right for me!  Thank you Queenie, I love it!! (by the way that’s our nickname for Patrice)

If anyone needs or wants a new and fresh look for their blog she is definitely the one that will step out of the box and give you the look you want.  She is really easy to work with and she always stays in touch during the process so your blog is all you would like it to be.  And…..she is having a sale right now and a blog giveaway if you would like to just head on over to Purrfect Designs and Patrice can fix you right up.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Mama, My Hero



I want to wish my mother a very Happy Mother’s Day!! I am not able to celebrate this special day with my mom since we live 9 1/2 hours apart.  This makes me sad but I am so blessed with a mom who always made sure that we knew that we were loved and taken care of and taught how to be upstanding adults.   We had some tough times but I can’t think of stronger woman that I can call my HERO!!!

I love you Mama and I hope your day is filled with love, laughter and many blessings!!