Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Got a Makeover!!


Yes, as you can tell I received a much needed makeover on my blog from my sweet cousin, Patrice!! I am so excited because this is my first blog change since I started blogging!! and I LOVE IT!!!!!! It is so whimsical and less oldish? (is that a word? oh well I just made it one for today! HA)!  and more owlish (and that is a word cause I just looked it up) hehe!!   I was in much need of a more up-to-date blog look and Patrice got it just right for me!  Thank you Queenie, I love it!! (by the way that’s our nickname for Patrice)

If anyone needs or wants a new and fresh look for their blog she is definitely the one that will step out of the box and give you the look you want.  She is really easy to work with and she always stays in touch during the process so your blog is all you would like it to be.  And…..she is having a sale right now and a blog giveaway if you would like to just head on over to Purrfect Designs and Patrice can fix you right up.


  1. LOVE everything about it!!!!!

  2. Love your makeover, I need to send her an email. Hope all is well.

  3. I LOVE it! I've been wanting a blog make-over but have NO idea what I want! Ha!