Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another Giveaway!!! How Neat is That???

If you love all kinds of unique jewelry head over to She just had a baby girl that she named Harper about 4 weeks before Tuff and she is hosting a giveaway for her 100th post.

I have never actually never met Kara face to face. She went to high school with my 2 daughters and I worked with her dad several years ago. We didn't actually work in the same building but his profession had a lot to do with mine. And I have to say that her dad is one of the best men I know and I know that Kara is just as sweet as her dad.

So we have been commenting on each others blogs for a while now and we keep saying that we are going to get Ms. Harper and Mr. Tuff together for play time. So maybe in the near future we can make that happen. Can't wait to meet Kara and Ms. harper!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I participated in a giveaway over at for a Yo-Baby baby food product. So if you would like to try out this baby food product hop on over and leave a comment for a chance to win.
Jenna had a baby boy around the same time as Kelly had Harper over when both babies ended up in the NICU in different hospitals but they were actually blog friends. All of our blog friends gathered together in prayer for both of these babies and God provided a miracle in both lives.

Good Luck with the giveaway!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Almost 2 Weeks!!!

Homecoming Day!!!
Tuff's sweet homecoming outfit compliments of BaBa (Jordan's Mom)
First visit to the Dr. to have Jaundice levels checked! All was good and no more jaundice.
He didn't like the whole visit including the weigh-in part. He weighed 7 pds 10 1/2 oz. Which is great since he left the hospital weighing 7 pds 9 oz. Now he is up to 10 pds 5oz as of last Thursday so he is coming along.Mama and baby boy. Ashley looks so much better in this pic. This was last night and all her swelling has gone.
Of course Proud Papa and Tuff is awake which Papa hasn't gotten to see very often.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Oh What a Week!! And I'm a Winner!!So

You know when you have a baby you don't begin to rest until you have come home from the hospital and then you only get to rest in spurts. Well, Ashley and Tuff came home from the hospital on Thursday July 16. Anyway she went to the emergency room in our little town on Saturday with swelling in her feet. I don't think I mentioned that she fell after she had Tuff while getting ready to go to her room. The nurse wasn't holding on to her very well and Ashley's right foot was still numb from the epidural and she fell. So anyway she went to have xrays and everything turned out fine with the ankles but her blood work showed that her liver was taking longer than normal to get back to normal so they told her to follow-up with her OB on Monday.

Well, long story short, she took her blood pressure Monday afternoon and it was 192/110 and her doctor said for her to come in immediately. So off we go to the Dr. and she was immediately admitted to the hospital with Post Partom Pre Eclampsia. So we spent this past week in the hospital. So with her having to leave Tuff and Jordan and worrying about her blood pressure she was a mess emotionally. On Wednesday night Jordan brought Tuff up to spend the night and she felt better but he was fussy all night and me and her both were up all night so on Thursday I brought Tuff home with me and we had our very first sleepover!!! He did really good. He just got up to eat and visit a few minutes and he was back to sleep. They finally let Ashley come home on Friday morning.

So I am browsing my blog list and find I have won a Giveaway!!! How fun is that!!! Over at I won a giveaway she was hosting for a monogrammed necklace and I am so EXCITED. So if you have a chance and love all things monogrammed then check out her blog she has some really cute and sweet things.

I don't have a recent pic of Tuff since our week has been super busy but I will be getting a few more up in a day or so.

Well, hope everyone has a blessed weekend.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A little photoshoot!!

Compliments of Auntie April !!!
Tuff and Proud Auntie April

My oldest daughter April, went to visit little Tuff and had a little photshoot while there. He was quite the little photogenic little man.

Isn't he just the most precious thing you have ever seen? I love this one with his little hat.

And he loves his hands.

Just thought I would brag a little today since this is my very first grandbaby!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh What a Feelin!!!

Here are some pics from the last few days and for some reason I don't have a pic of Mama and baby but I will be sure to fix that tomorrow.

This is me and Ash before delivery and after she received her epiduralProud MeMeProud Papaw

Tuff (he looks just like his dad)

Proud Aunt Bree

Proud Great Nana

Proud Aunt Tori

I love this picture

Look at all the hair!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's Official!! I'm a real MeMe

Lucas Tuff Alford 8 pounds 20 1/4 inches long

So today was the day and what a day it was. I just wanted to do a quick update and will do a better one later. Ashley dialated to a 10 by 1:30 and began pushing and after an hour and half they found out he was head up instead of down. So she pushed for a total of 2 and half hours and finally he came out. We thought they were going to do a C-section but that didn't have to happen.

Ashley had to have a lot of stitches so she is really sore. But both baby and mom are fine.

Today is The Day!! July 14, 2009

I am getting ready to leave for the hospital so that I can be there as a support system for my daughter and SIL as they get ready to meet their son and our grandson. I will be trying to to keep everyone updated as soon as possible. Please pray that we will feel God's presence and that He will give us peace and a stress free delivery along with a healthy mom and baby.

So stay tuned.....and have a blessed day.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lap "Baby" I mean Dog!!!

This is what I see every time I sit down at computer, sit on couch, sit on porch or even lay down in bed. Bentley has become so needy lately and he constantly wants to be in LAP!!! Don't get me wrong, I love this little dog dearly but come on!!!! If I don't pick him up he whines continuously and then I pick him up just to get him to stop the whining. Bentley is actually Ashley's dog and I think he may be getting the feeling that very soon he won't be the only baby around so he is getting good use out of MeMe's lap now.

Now who could not love this face???

Thursday, July 9, 2009

We Have a Date unless......

Well we have standing date with our grandson on Tuesday July 14, 2009. Well depending that he doesn't decide to grace our appearance before then (that would be fine) or..... Ash is in labor til after midnight. So please pray that it's not the after midnight part. Also, please pray for her and Tuff to have a safe and as comfortable labor as possible and that Tuff will be healthy and strong. I will post pics as soon as I can. Ashley started her maternity leave this week hoping Tuff would make his appearance. She has been so miserable with swelling and some headaches. But all blood work came back normal. I think she was just a little spoiled by her parents whoever they are!!!! HeHe....

April and Brandon have finally received their last pack of paperwork so it should be on it's way back to Taiwan in a few days. Please pray that the courts will get on the ball over there since these children are in orphanages and they are just sitting there waiting for a mommy and daddy to love and nurture them. It's sad that there is so much waiting to go through after all the paperwork is complete.

Hope everyone has a blessed and safe weekend.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Week of the 4th

Hope everyone had a very patriotic weekend and celebrated our freedom with good food and fireworks. We had a really busy weekend. On Thursday me, my MIL, BIL and Victoria went to my SIL's new home and enjoyed a few hours of swimming, eating, and just enjoying getting to spend some time with family. Thursday was my MIL's birthday so we thought this would be a great way to spend some time with her just relaxing and enjoying family time. I don't really swim so I just sat and watched and took a few pics of everyone else.

On Wednesday the 2nd I went with my in laws to see the movie My Sisters Keeper.....well let me just tell you that was a tear jerker for sure. But the movie was great and well worth the tears that I shed. So if you would rather cry in private I would suggest waiting til the movie is out on DVD and then you can do all the slobbering and crying you want.

On Friday me and our Rebel decided we would hit the goodwill and see what we could come up with. Well I got a few books but other than that I didn't find anything I couldn't live without but Rebel found a few skirts that were really cute. Then on to Blue Coast Burrito for lunch.

So on the 4th me and Boogs went on a date. Yep, you heard that right, we had a real date except it was during the day instead of night. We had a coupon for buy on meal get one free at Ruby Tuesday and I have to say that it was really good and we had tons of food. Then we went to see The Hangover and I have to say it was funny but it was drawn out and it's a movie you would want to wait until the DVD is out.

So by the time we got out of the movie I was extrememly tired and it was getting into my nap time HeHe..... But we were not done yet. UGH!!! Let's just say that I would have been happy to just go home, take a little power nap and watch fireworks on tv. But we headed over to church for a cookout that started at 5:30 and we arrived at 4:30 to just hang out instead of coming home and going back. Well needless to say that by the time 7:30 came around Boogs was tired and ready to head home. So home is where we were while the fireworks going on.

So we had a busy but fun week/weekend of the 4th. Still no action with Tuff but Ashley goes to the DR. in the morning so maybe we will know more. I will be sure to keep you posted.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just Waiting......

We are just waiting on our sweet grand baby's arrival. We are getting anxious, impatient, and more excited everyday. But I'm sure he has a mind of his own and will be here when he is ready.
Ashley went to the Dr. yesterday and she is 38 weeks, she is still 2cm and his head is right there so the Dr. said she believes he will be here before her next appt. which is next Thursday. He is only moving 1-2 times per 3-4 hours. I'm hoping for a July 4th baby. Wouldn't that be great to celebrate my county's freedom grandson's birthday??

As for little Harrison, April and Brandon are just waiting on one more set of paperwork to have signed and then it's just a waiting game. They will be waiting on the courts in Taiwan to approve them as parents and so that could take a few months. I don't think they get in any hurry. He is most certainly growing and has the sweetest smile. Can't wait to meet him since somehow it just doesn't seem real just yet.

All is well around the Taylor household. Boogs will be off this weekend so we are planning on relaxing and enjoying being with family.

Hope everyone has a safe, happy and blessed July 4th weekend.