Saturday, July 25, 2009

Oh What a Week!! And I'm a Winner!!So

You know when you have a baby you don't begin to rest until you have come home from the hospital and then you only get to rest in spurts. Well, Ashley and Tuff came home from the hospital on Thursday July 16. Anyway she went to the emergency room in our little town on Saturday with swelling in her feet. I don't think I mentioned that she fell after she had Tuff while getting ready to go to her room. The nurse wasn't holding on to her very well and Ashley's right foot was still numb from the epidural and she fell. So anyway she went to have xrays and everything turned out fine with the ankles but her blood work showed that her liver was taking longer than normal to get back to normal so they told her to follow-up with her OB on Monday.

Well, long story short, she took her blood pressure Monday afternoon and it was 192/110 and her doctor said for her to come in immediately. So off we go to the Dr. and she was immediately admitted to the hospital with Post Partom Pre Eclampsia. So we spent this past week in the hospital. So with her having to leave Tuff and Jordan and worrying about her blood pressure she was a mess emotionally. On Wednesday night Jordan brought Tuff up to spend the night and she felt better but he was fussy all night and me and her both were up all night so on Thursday I brought Tuff home with me and we had our very first sleepover!!! He did really good. He just got up to eat and visit a few minutes and he was back to sleep. They finally let Ashley come home on Friday morning.

So I am browsing my blog list and find I have won a Giveaway!!! How fun is that!!! Over at I won a giveaway she was hosting for a monogrammed necklace and I am so EXCITED. So if you have a chance and love all things monogrammed then check out her blog she has some really cute and sweet things.

I don't have a recent pic of Tuff since our week has been super busy but I will be getting a few more up in a day or so.

Well, hope everyone has a blessed weekend.


  1. Oh my goodness...well I knew something was up and I was wondering what was going on! I hate that soooo bad for Ashley. I almost fell when they stood me up because I was so, so numb on one side! That's terrible! But, I am glad she's at home and feeling better. I can't imagaine having to leave Harper and Brandon so soon! :( But I know Meme enjoyed her sleepover! ha:) Tell Ashley I said congrats!

  2. Poor Ashley! Bless her heart!! I'm glad she's back home now and I can't wait to see more pictures of Tuff!