Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's Official!! I'm a real MeMe

Lucas Tuff Alford 8 pounds 20 1/4 inches long

So today was the day and what a day it was. I just wanted to do a quick update and will do a better one later. Ashley dialated to a 10 by 1:30 and began pushing and after an hour and half they found out he was head up instead of down. So she pushed for a total of 2 and half hours and finally he came out. We thought they were going to do a C-section but that didn't have to happen.

Ashley had to have a lot of stitches so she is really sore. But both baby and mom are fine.


  1. He is SO precious! I hope she's able to get some rest these next few days before she goes home. Can't wait to come and visit!!!

  2. Oh Annette...he is so beautiful!! I have been thinking about Ashley so much lately! He is just precious and I cannot wait to see many more pictures. I hope Ashley feels better soon...tell her I said hello and congrats!! I am so happy for her!

    Thanks for your comment on our wedding day, too!