Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just Waiting......

We are just waiting on our sweet grand baby's arrival. We are getting anxious, impatient, and more excited everyday. But I'm sure he has a mind of his own and will be here when he is ready.
Ashley went to the Dr. yesterday and she is 38 weeks, she is still 2cm and his head is right there so the Dr. said she believes he will be here before her next appt. which is next Thursday. He is only moving 1-2 times per 3-4 hours. I'm hoping for a July 4th baby. Wouldn't that be great to celebrate my county's freedom grandson's birthday??

As for little Harrison, April and Brandon are just waiting on one more set of paperwork to have signed and then it's just a waiting game. They will be waiting on the courts in Taiwan to approve them as parents and so that could take a few months. I don't think they get in any hurry. He is most certainly growing and has the sweetest smile. Can't wait to meet him since somehow it just doesn't seem real just yet.

All is well around the Taylor household. Boogs will be off this weekend so we are planning on relaxing and enjoying being with family.

Hope everyone has a safe, happy and blessed July 4th weekend.


  1. Thanks for all of your sweet, sweet comments about Harper...we sure do love her! And, I wish Mr. Tuff would hurry up and decide to grace this world with his presence! I can't wait to see him...I know he'll be so handsome (he comes from good stock!) lol Tell Ashley good luck and to stay calm....if she wants some REAL advice, tell her to email graphic for blog chat. lol She'll do great! I can't wait!!! Hope your fam has a wonderful weekend!

  2. I can't believe it's almost time for little Tuff to be here! I know Ashley must be so excited! I cannot wait to see pictures of him!

    I hope the waiting time isn't too long for Harrison to come home!