Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Prayers Please

We are asking for prayers for our sweet Harrison! He was diagnosed with pneumonia last Friday and was sent home to be treated as outpatient!  Well we all had an uneasy feeling about this decision since Harrison has issues with his lungs, especially during the winter months!  On Sunday morning back to the doctor he went and a decision was made to admit him into the children’s hospital.  He has been on quite the roller coaster ride since and finally as of yesterday afternoon his lungs were doing a little better.  We don’t know exactly how long he will be there but know that he is in excellent care!! Pray for mom and dad as this is their first “hospital” experience and they aren’t a big fan.  Harrison also is NOT digging the “hospital” thing either.  He is very uncooperative when anyone comes in that is hospital staff and then makes it tougher on mom and dad.

I know there are so many sick babies/children out there that also need prayers.  So please say a little prayer for all these children also. 

This is Harrison The Great being a brave little man before he was transported by ambulance!!




  1. awww poor little man.... I hope he feels better soon!!

  2. Poor fella! Will keep praying!