Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's Been a While......

This is what has been going on around here for the last, oh month or so.
Our hearts are so full of love for these 2 babies.....

Harrison is always smiling and making our hearts swell .....
Harrison and Tuff get along great and love playing with their Papa....
Tuff is NOT crawling but can somehow get around to where he wants to go!!! He is pulling up as you can see....
A visit from Nonna.....

I have a very full and busy life these days and loving every bit of it!!! So as you can tell this is what I have been up to.

Now, about the Bachelor.....I oh so wanted Ali to come back and for her and Jake to ride off into the sunset in one of his planes towards happily ever after. Well that didn't happen. I am not crazy about Vienna and haven't been from the beginning. But I did feel a bit sorry for her at the end when she left Chris Harrison and walked the "Plank" so to speak. To me she was sincerely nervous and she did "seem" to be so in love. We will see.... So Molly and Jason's wedding will be on this Monday and I am looking forward to that and also, Ali will be the next bacherolette (spelling?) and I am really excited about that.

American Idol has been okay this season, I was kinda worried about Ellen being a judge since she really doesn't have much knowledge with music but she has actually been really fun. And Simon???? Well it's sad to me that he won't be back next year. He is the life of the show to me. When Simon gives praise it's great and when he gives criticism it's great. And he is just so darn honest. I will really miss him and I'm not sure how I will like the show once he's gone.

So, how do you feel about these shows? Just wondering. Maybe I need a little adult conversation on here. Ha!!!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!


  1. You have buddy all day, every day, and you couldn't catch a smile? I love the diaper picture! He's so handsome in his diaper! :) I like the picture of them with Dad. It's pretty humerous. They look like they could get away with anything when they're with him! :)

  2. Well, I like Vienna and think that she got shafted from Ali cause Ali was sooo jealous of her she has to cause drama for her! I'm happy he picked her! I also think that Tenley was not his type by far...she was to whiny sounding and nice! Who can be that nice all the time?!?!

    As for American Idol....this will probably be my last season cause I can not see how this show is going to last without Simon?!?!?! and this season doesn't really interest me for some reason....I'm just not into it...I guess it's time to move on the bigger and better things...Dancing with the Stars is gonna entertain me for a

  3. I LOVE the pics, Annette!! These two boys are just gorgeous...and they look as if they have ya'll totally wrapped around their little fingers!!! But, afterall...what are Grand Parents for? Love it!!!