Saturday, May 9, 2009

Prom and Tuff Update

Well, last night was BreeAnn's Senior Prom and we all went to send her off and get a few pics. Her dress was beautiful just like her...... BreeAnn and Dad
Nana and 3 of her granddaughters
Dad with daughter and cousin
BreeAnn and Dad
Me, Boogs and BreeAnn
BreeAnn, Ashley, Jordan and Tuff
BreeAnn and Cousin DJ
And now for a Tuff update:
I know it's been a while since I have updated on belly pics and I'm sorry about that. So this is Ashley at 30 weeks
and now here is our little Tuff after his 3D ultrasound. We think he has his daddy's nose and lips. I think he is just the most beautiful little baby boy with his chubby cheeks and sweet little nose and lips. I really can't wait til he gets here.

Lucas Tuff Alford - Due July 15, 2009.
Well, after we sent BreeAnn off to prom me, boogs, Victoria, Ashley, Jordan and Dalton went to eat at Red Lobster and had a really good time. Then it was off to Lowes to get prices on blinds for my windows and a new rug for the dining room. Maybe next week I will have some before and after pics to show.
That's about it for this post. Hopefully it won't be so long for the next.
Have a Blessed week!!!


  1. aww....we are due exactly a month apart and July 15th is our that's a great day! Ashley looks great!

  2. Great pics...I can't wait to see ya'll in 3 weeks...yippie!!!
    Jordan looks like he is due in Aug....LMAO!!!

    Love ya, Stacey

  3. I'll eat him up! :) Can't wait!

  4. WHOA!!! I'm starting to see the 27 pounds in these pictures.... GEEZ! I look like shamoo. But my wittle Tuff is so precious. Mama can't wait to hold him and give him kisses!!!!!!!!
    Love you!