Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Can’t Believe It!!

I can hardly believe that my baby is 13 years old today!! Wow what a wild ride she has given me.  Mostly the ride has been great but there have definitely been some bumps in the road during these 13 years.  Victoria has been the biggest challenge that God has given me.  If I make it, it will because God has guided me through. 

Time has just flown by and it just blows my mind that she used to be this small….






and now she has grown into such a great young lady and we are very proud to be her parents.  Bumps in the road and all!! Happy Birthday Victoria, we love you to the moon and back.



  1. I remember when she was born! Me and Ashley were in 5th grade!

  2. I know!! Lana I knew you would comment that you remembered when she was this small!! I can't hardly believe how fast time has gone by!!

  3. She looks GROWN in this picture!!! I can't believe she's officially a teenager (even though she's thought she's been one for the past 5 years). Haha.

  4. I can not believe how much she has grown, she is a beautiful young lady. I remember her when I would spend the night with Ashley. She was so precious, so small, learning to walk, she is a sweet girl.