Saturday, October 8, 2011

Long Time No Blog

So sorry for my absent!  It’s been a little crazy here and I have just been so tired and trying to get back into the swing of things being a Meme!  So just a little (long) catching up……

I know I failed miserably at the 30 day photo challenge (note to self: never commit to a 30 day challenge).  I feel terrible about that but I just kept forgetting about.  Sorry, hope you don’t hate me!!

Anyway, this past week has been a bit crazy!! Ashley went back to work so Tuff and Gunner was back at Meme’s and Gunner has a virus the week before so he has a rash that is left over from that and poor Tuff has been trying to fight off a Sinus Infection that as of Thursday had obviously won the fight! Poor thing.  Ashley took him to the Dr. on Friday and of course he has a terrible Sinus Infection which comes with an antibiotic that causes diarrhea and a rash so it will be a battle for him the next 5 days.   Ada has a runny nose also but so far we think its’ just a cold but I’m sure she will end up in the DR’s office with a Sinus Infection!!! So I have wiping noses constantly all week.  And also, Victoria has been having some pretty bad headaches (in the back of her head) in the last month so we thought we would just go ahead and have her checked out!! I was thinking “Oh My Goodness!! My kid has a brain tumor!!”  Anyway, no brain tumor!! She has the beginning of a Sinus Infection (shown on X-Ray)!! Go figure!!!  So she is also on antibiotics, nasal spray and an over the counter sinus medication.   So all the grandbabies and the 13 year old are sick!! I ‘m sure this Meme will end up being sick when all the kiddos get better!!

So I have a new little man that comes to see me everyday!! Love him to pieces!!


We went to Grandparents Day celebration at Tuff’s Day School!!


These pictures are a little overdue.  That’s what happens when Meme goes on a blog Hiatus!!!! I have got to get it together!!


So last Friday was Homecoming at our local high school so me and Ashley too the babies to the Homecoming Parade!!





So I haven’t had Harrison in a few weeks and I have sure missed him!! He is growing and talking so much and such a busy little man!!  His mama has been keeping him busy and learning new things everyday!!


So into learning about Noah’s Ark!!




Love this picture of Harrison and Brandon at Sam’s waiting on Mama to finish her shopping!!


Having a little fun with Mama!!

We are also, so excited about April, Brandon and Harrison getting one step closer to bringing home Sophie and Greer!!! They finally got their EP submitted!! and we think that little miss Sophie had something to do with this……


Is she not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen????  Yeah I think so too!!!

On another happy note!!! My niece Christy had her new baby boy, Kirby Dewayne on Friday!!!  Sure wish I could have been there with her and my family to welcome him into the world!! He weighed 7 pounds 1 ounce and he is absolutely adorable!!!


This is my favorite picture!! Love his sweet little finger on his cheek!!  He’s thinking “hmmmm don’t know if I like this or not” haha



Mama and baby!! So sweet!!

Congratulations to you Christy!!!

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  1. Glad to see your back to blogging. Bet those grand babies are keeping you busy, lol. Congrats, on the new family addition.