Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trunk or Treat

A local church held a great Trunk or Treat for the community last night and we decided to take the kids!  This is my first time going and I have to say that it was awesome!! People had their cars decorated around the parking lot so the kids could go around and trick or treat just like going through a neighborhood.  It was really neat!! The kids really enjoyed themselves and were eager to get their buckets filled with goodies!!



We had a ladybug (Ada), a lion (Harrison), a sock monkey (Tuff), a UPS man (Jace) and a clown (Gunner, who slept the whole time)



Not all of the kids liked their costumes….


It didn’t take long for them to perk up and enjoy the dress up…



Harrison wasn’t a fan of his lion hood….



Tuff on the other hand was ok with is sock monkey…


But this MeMe sure did enjoy watching the joy in their eyes as they went around to gather their goodies…


and just a few extras..




Hope everyone has a happy and safe Trick or Treating!!

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