Tuesday, August 4, 2009

And it's gonna get even SWEETER!!

And how can it NOT get any SWEETER than this!!!

Our little Harrison is still waiting on his mama and daddy to come to Taiwan to pick him up so he can partake in all the love that his family has to give.

All the paperwork has made it over to Taiwan for the courts to approve his adoption and then April and Brandon can go love on this sweet boy. We are really excited about getting to meet this little man.

I know I haven't talked to much about Harrison but we are thinking about him a lot and can't wait to meet him. It seems it's not really real until he gets here and April has said that the updated pictures that she gets seems just like a ultrasound to her. I am sure she and Brandon have a deeper attachment to this handsome baby than anyone else seems to have but we love him already and can't wait to meet him.

Oh and A giveaway!!!!!
Head on over to April's blog at http://www.livingtolove.com/ and try to guess their court date and you just might have a chance to win a cute monogrammed tote!!!!! She is hosting this giveaway to see who guesses the date of the court date or the closest day to the court date. Good luck!!!


  1. He is so cute, I can't wait til they can bring him home.

  2. Look at that SMILE! Praying for them!