Monday, August 17, 2009

Just a Few Updates:)

I do have a few new pics to share but I have one more that I want to add before I post them.
So as for an update on little Harrison. I don't know if anyone of you heard about the Typhoon that hit over in Taiwan. Well, we all were really worried about Harrison and the other little baby that is in his orphanage but turns out we heard the next day that they were all fine. As far as a court date, we don't know any updates. We figured it would be a little longer due to the storm but God can move mountains so I am sure if He wants he could make it today:) As soon as I have a date I will let you know.
As far as Tuff, he is growing so so so fast!!!! He is now 11 pds 4 ozs.!!! This is just a week after he started on cereal in each bottle for reflux issues. He was at 10pds. 7 ozs.
He is now starting to smile:):):):)
He is also pushing himself over from his back to stomach when laying on the bed. He loves his stomach so we have to really watch him.
He eats 4 oz bottle with 1 tablespoon of cereal every 3 to 4 hours.
He loves is pacifier and loves to watch lights or ceiling fans.
April called me last Friday and invited me to a movie and dinner and I was really excited about spending some time with my oldest daughter!
We went to Demo's for dinner and then went to see Julie/Julia!! A good movie but very long, 2 hours to be exact. But it was nice to get out and spend time with one of my children!
Boogs was off this weekend which is very unusual! So we went Saturday looking a new stoves since the oven in mine went out!!!! Of course every appliance in my house is breaking down so we will have to replace them all eventually. If anyone knows of scratch and dent appliance stores near us let me know. I will so greatly appreciate it!
Ashley has 2 more weeks to be home with Tuff and I know she is really dreading going back to work.
Victoria is loving 6th grade and loves all her teachers. They get to change classes this year and she is really excited!
BreeAnn got a new job at Forever 21. She is really excited about it and she starts college on the 29th. Wow!!! That's a week from today.
So that's about it for now. Oh did I mention that I will be going on a cruise for 7 whole days in November. More on that at a later date!!!


  1. YAY for an upcoming cruise! How fun! So glad to hear things are going well with everyone!

  2. Thanks for the update! :) Love youuuu!