Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Visitors From Florida And A Little Bit Of Tuff:)

I will start with a picture of our sweet boy in his cowboy hat that my niece Carrie sent for him. I think he just may be our next Sheriff:)

Victoria and Granny having a little fun:)

Getting some love from Aunt Stacey

Nana and Tuff lovin on each other

and of course GiGi (the great grandbabies are going to call my mom GiGi for "great grandmother"
Sweet Little Family

Auntie April and Tuff

Aunt Stacey with Ashley (two peas in a pod) I have always said "Ashley should have been born to Stacey!! They are just alike!!

BreeAnn on the porch of Milton's

and little fun in the sun

A little trip to Milton's for dinner which was not that great but we had family time so that counts

Then we had lunch one day at Miller's Grocery which was fabulous!!! And of course the dog that is always at Miller's

Me, my mom and little sister

Me holding Tuff, Ashley on my right, little sister on left, then mom and April

Me and my mom, MY Hero!!:):):)

Patrice and Jeremy went along with us for some of that fabulous food at Miller's

This past week I have had my mom, her friend Rick and my little sister Stacey in town visiting and loving on my sweet grandson. We have had a lot of fun just visiting and not doing a whole lot of anything.

We did go to a state park that is about 30 minutes from here and hung out for a few hours and then we went to a little restaurant that is suppose to well known for it's Cajun seafood. Well the Cajun seafood ended up being frozen so you get my point!!!

Other than that we have just been hanging around the house enjoying our time with family and of course eating!!!! We always say that we will have to diet when the visit is over. Never happens!
p.s. On a MeMe note: Tuff went to the doctor because we thought he was having some reflux. He now weighs 10 lbs 7 oz. Wow! He has gained 2 1/2 pds since he arrived 1 month ago. The doctor prescribed a tablespoon of rice cereal in each bottle and also gave him a prescription. So we hope this helps our little man.


  1. I love Miller's Grocery...it is so good!! Tuff is just ADORABLE and Ashley looks great!!

  2. Aww, I LOVE the hat on him, ha ha ha! Does he fit in the entire outfit? I want to see a pic of him in it.