Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ada LeeAnn Has Arrived!!!

Ada LeeAnn Parker

I love how she pokes out her bottom lip. She already has us all wrapped!!!!

At 12:55 am today, May 20, 2010 weighing in at 8 pounds 2 ounces and 20 3/4 inches long Miss Ada came into the world. The delivery went well except for the epidural wore off right when it was time to start pushing but thankfully it only took 45 min. and everyone is healthy!!! The pediatrician said she was in excellent health. Ada was the first baby to be born on the first day of the hospitals work week so she is Thursday Baby. Which means she will be on the news tonight, had a photo shoot and will be in the local paper. She is already pretty famous in our eyes and now she will be even more famous! Ha!

BreeAnn did such a GREAT job with her labor considering she did experience ALOT of the pain due to Ada deciding to turn face up while BreeAnn labored so that called for lots and lots of lower back labor. But she was so brave through it all and her labor last about 6 hours. Dad was a trooper also, I think he was more nervous than BreeAnn and he is just overjoyed.

Now I can't not post pics of Ada with her MeMe and Papa since my blog is named MeMe's Ink. After all, my blog is all about family and being a fulltime MeMe. Can you tell I'm a little proud with that cheesy grin?

Proud Aril, Aunt Ashley, and Aunt Tori

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  1. She is absolutely beautiful!! Love the picture of you with her...just precious!