Wednesday, May 26, 2010



My PawPaw and Granny Williams. This is my dads side of the family.

Our FamilyMy dad, mom, sister Lisa (standing), and me (my dad is holding me)

This is me

Me and my older sister Lisa

My older sister, Lisa on the left, our little sister, Stacey in the middle and me on the right.

Does anyone go to their family reunions every year??? Well we are having our first family reunion this weekend with my dad's side. It has been many years since we have had a reunion with the Williams side of my family. So we cousin's got together via Facebook and got the ball rolling on a reunion that we are all so excited about. I don't know if any of you lose contact with cousins, aunts, uncles etc. that you were close with when you were young and then to be reunited and start reminiscing about the days gone by. But I have been able to reconnect with a lot of my cousins through Facebook and we have had a ball going down memory lane with comments, posting old pics and telling about funny pranks that were played. It has really gotten me thinking about my kids and grandchildren and how I really want them to know a part of my heritage and maybe they can carry on this tradition. We are gonna try and plan a reunion once a year and probably it will be around Memorial Day since this has been the time that most everyone is available.

This is me on left and my cousin "Snooge" (her real name is Vonda) who I spent all summer with most summers until I was about 15.

My dad in the back row far left with all his brother's and my pawpaw in the back middle

The lady on the stool was the heart of this family, my Granny Williams as I called her. With her daughters.

I am really excited about seeing my cousins that I hung with when I was young. Then to get to hear all the stories that my aunts and uncles will tell will sure to have everyone sitting quietly and waiting to hear what happens next. I want my children and grandchildren to be able to sit around and tell about their extended family and to be able to carry on those memories when we as parents are gone.

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