Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Am Blessed!!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

I hope all the mother's and mother's to be had a wonderful Mother's Day!!! I know I had the best Mother's Day weekend.

My girls are my heart!!! They are just so special to me and all 4 of them have grown into such special young women/mothers.

They each gave me such sweet cards/gifts. They went together and got me a new Chandelier for my dining room. Thank you so much girls....

Me and my girls

This picture is sooooo US!!!! When we try to get pictures as a group, in our family, it is ALWAYS chaotic!!!!

I love the coloring in this picture. I had already changed out of my good clothes into my painting clothes so that's why I am in overalls covered in paint. But I love this pic anyway.

This is Victoria, my 12 year old and she has grown up so fast this past year. I am so proud of her and the young lady she is becoming.

And Happy Mother's Day to my Mother and Mother-in-law....

My mother is my HERO!! I miss her so much every single day and I missed her even more today. I love you mama and I hope you had a Blessed Mother's Day.

And I couldn't ask for a sweeter Mother-in-law....Thank you mom for being there for me and loving me like a daughter. I love you. Happy Mother's Day


  1. I love all the pics! Especially the chaotic one...LOL That is fo sho our family...hahahaha
    I'm glad you had a great Mother's Day!!! You deserve it you're a great mother and I hope one day if I ever become a mom i am as good as a mother as you are!!!!!

    I love you and thanks for giving me advice when I need it!

  2. I love the family pitures! So cute!!

  3. #1- I look FAT (especially my arm)

    #2- Just for the record, I was ready for the "off" picture. I knew what Brandon was doing so I was making my face on purpose. As for the rest of them, they probably can't say the same.

    #3- I love you Mom, thanks for being the best mother in the world. I know everyone thinks about their "own" mother but I SERIOUSLY think you have all them beat, by far!!!

    #4- You need to get OFF Facebook for 5 minutes and keep this thing updated every now and then. You go from not posting for 6778765564 days to posting twice in a week! I will be looking for updates. We have WAY too much going on in our family for you to NOT have anything to post about... Just saying!


  4. I agree with Ash. It's about time you got busy on your blog.
    I sure wish I had a better picture for you to put on here/ but you can't cover the flab.
    I Luv U & I'm so proud you're my daughter-in-law & dearest friend....
    Mom & Nan