Friday, June 4, 2010

Family Reunion Highlights

Our Family Reunion was awesome. We all had such a great time visiting and getting to catch on what each of us have been up to for the last umpteen years!! In my previous post I posted pics of days gone by...So I wanted to post some pics in this post that are of recent days. The brothers and sisters of my dads family has definitely dwindled down.

This is last of my dads siblings. Left to right, Oldest to youngest, Aunt Nita who is 81 years old and such a sweetheart, my Uncle Charles who is 78 years old, my dad who is 70 years old, Aunt Joann, Uncle Richard and the youngest Uncle Jerry.

Aunt Nita and Uncle Charles - the 2 oldest

My dad, me far left, my sister Lisa and Little Sis Stacey on right

My dad with all of his kids, 4 granddaughters, and 2 great grandsons

Aunt Nita and my cousin Kelly going down memory lane....we all the best time looking at old photos that alot of family brought.

Cousins, getting caught up on each others lives. Left to right, cousin Ann, my sister Lisa, cousin Jen, and cousin Roseanna

2nd cousins meeting for the first time. Tuff and Austin

Me and my Aunt Voncile. This lady is so very special to me. Some of my most treasured childhood memories is my summers spent with her and my cousin. My cousin Snooge in the previous post was not able to attend this year but we are planning a girls weekend with our 2 girls at the end of July.

Cousins starting to create their own memories

and of course the food was yummy!!!

and of course my crew was at the boiled peanut table for the remainder of the afternoon until, of course, the boiled peanuts were no more.

We are already in the planning process for our next reunion which will be held on Memorial Day weekend and we are all looking forward to it.

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  1. It looks like your families reunion was a blast! I bet it's nice to catch up with everyone!