Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Cup Runneth Over

I have been extra busy these past few weeks with kids, grand babies, doctor appts. etc and now it's time for an update. I thought I would update what each of my sweet grand babies have been up to.

Harrison is just really starting to show his personality so much more (if that's possible). He is now walking walking and walking up a storm. He is just so adorable since he is so small still. He is saying awe eee.. (if that's a word, but I guess it is to him) Mama, Dada, bye bye, Hey. He is also learning lots of new "signs" such as, more and all done. He is such a sweet little guy with his own agenda and he has no problem letting us all know who is boss. He is definitely a mama's boy and a MeMe's boy. He loves for me to sit and cuddle with him and I love it!!!

Harrison was watching the Victoria get off the big yellow school bus!

Memorial day Harrison wanted to push the pink stroller.

Tuff has now started walking and is still wobbly but he is determined in with his mission. He is saying Mama, Dada, Papa (just this morning). He loves to throw a ball and he knows he is very good at it. I am still working on him saying MeMe which hasn't happened yet but I am very positive it is soon coming. Unfortunately he is a full blown Papa's boy and when Papa is around he doesn't really come to me that often. He is giving out kisses and the other day decided he wanted to to give his cousin Ada some kisses. He wouldn't even give his mama kisses because he was giving them all to Ada. He tried to share his paci with Ada too and I had to explain to him that his paci was to big for her. LOL

Tuff driving the cozy car on Memorial Day

Ada is growing so fast!!! She is now 9 pds 6 oz. as of last Thursday (at 3 weeks). She is eating 5 oz. and is just a sweet content little girl. We love to dress her and put bows on her. She is having an issue with her bone that meets her hip socket and we have had to double diaper her for a few weeks. She will be going to see and Orthopedic tomorrow to make sure it is connecting? the way they want it to. She is now staying awake for several hours at a time and just sits and looks around. She loves to be outside in her swing or bouncy. We think her eyes are going to be blue since they are getting a lighter blue each day.

I think Ms. Ada is so sweet in purple

Tuff giving away his kisses to Ada

Victoria has been going back and forth between home and a friends house so I guess she is out of that stage where she doesn't want to be away from home. I guess that comes with age. She is still 12 goin on 30 but she is growing into a beautiful young lady and also is getting fonder of the boys! EEECH!!!

My family will be coming up on July 1st to spend a long weekend with us. And by family, I mean ALL my family including sisters, brother in law, nieces, nephews and great nephews. So we will have a packed house for a few days. I am so looking forward to our visit since it has been a while since they have been up to see us.

I have several projects that my moms friend, Rick, is going to help us with so I am excited about that. Including hanging my new Chandy that I got for Mother's Day. We are going to put up a mail box since we have a PO box and it's been about 11 years since we have had one.

Well that's about all that's been going on for the past few weeks.


  1. Sweet. But you forgot to add a picture of Tuff giving Ada the kissies. :) You know everyone wants to see!

    Love you... and my buddy, nephew, and niecey! :)

  2. Your grandbabies are all SO precious!!!