Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Sneak Peak

Today we all headed out to a pumpkin patch in our area.  All except hubby, he had to work of course.  So Tuff was quit the grumpy little boy since he didn’t get his morning nap.  He finally started getting a little happier when we ready to leave.  Harrison was just a busy little man and I couldn’t get him to stop long enough to get a good picture.  And Ada was chillin along for the ride. 

We had a good time even though it was only suppose to be 80 degrees today it was a little warm in the non-shaded areas.

This is Harrison, Jayce and Tuff riding around in the wagon.  That didn’t last too long because they were ready to get out and explore on their own.


Ms. Ada and Mama



Harrison and Mama



Tuff at the potato sack race that we didn’t do



I think Harrison loved these little baby kittens


Aunt Tori lovin on Tuff



Ms. Ada with her Nana



Ms. Ada posing for the camera



April and Ashley did get some more pictures of me with all three grandbabies and some of them by themselves so I will do another post on those.  My camera batteries decided to go dead so this is as far as I got.


  1. Love the pics, Annette! Looks like yall had a fabulous time. Ada looks like such a little doll in her outfit and hat! It is so adorable. I LOVE the picture of Tuff by the sack races sign. It is soooo good. And, of course little Harrison is such a cutie, too! Glad that yall had a great time!!!!

  2. All your grandbabies are just precious!