Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It Has Been A Barking Morning


That’s what me and my Boogs were doing this morning!! Barking at each other! Why? you may ask????? Well because I thought it was quite warm in the house and when I looked at the thermostat it said…….79 degrees!!   So I told my Boogs that I thought our air conditioner was going out and would he call his co-worker to see if he could come out and fix it.   He proceeds to tell me that he wasn’t hot!  Well that was the WRONG answer!!!   First because I for one DO NOT like to be hot and two we have grandbabies that are here everyday all day!!!   So he finally called his co-worker and then Boogs tells me that he said he would “try” to get out here today!!  So I said “Well it has to be today because me or our grandbabies will not last in this heat”!!  Then he tells me that I could call whoever I wanted if he didn’t get out today!!  Well, that would mean we would be scorching hot for the rest of the day and night!!!  Oh goodness!! So needless to say his co-worker did end up sending his worker right on over!  Then I felt really bad for being such a grump! I just couldn’t imagine having to sit in the 100 degree heat tonight!!  So our air conditioner did get fixed right up thanks to a speedy repair man and I am so so thankful!! 

Isn’t it sad that we depend on such luxuries this day and time.  I can still remember not having an air conditioner up until I was 12 or 13!!  It just seems like it is so much hotter now than it was back then.  All I know is I think I would melt if we didn’t have the luxury of an air conditioner.  Thank you Lord for such things as the air conditioner!!!

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  1. That's soooo funny! I am the same way these days about being hot and you are right about it being hotter these days than years ago so go ahead and make noise about it cause you know I would! LOL