Friday, June 17, 2011

You Are Never Prepared


It seems that way when your healthy, never had surgery, or been admitted to the hospital for anything (other than to have her 3 daughters) 70 year old mother calls to tell you that she is being admitted to the hospital because she has 90% blockage in her carotid artery!!

I will back up a few months.  My mom went for her physical and her doctor wanted her to have an ultrasound on her carotid artery and when she went to have it done the place told her that Medicare didn’t cover it.  That her doctor had listed the wrong code!! So she called to tell her doctor’s office, who I guess didn’t tell her doctor or he failed to follow up with her.  So on Tuesday she had an appointment for a kidney infection and just happened to mention to her doctor that she never had the test done because of insurance.  He sent her to a Vascular Surgeon and they did the sonogram and told her she had a 80 to 90% blockage and to go straight to the hospital and be admitted for further testing.  Talk about CRAZY!!! She was floored!!!!  So she was admitted to the hospital last night and had a CT Angiogram this morning along with some other testing on her heart and they found that she does have 90% blockage in her left carotid artery!! So they told her she had to stay in the hospital until the surgery which will not be until Monday and then she would be there until Wednesday and go home if all goes well.  She is going to go crazy!! Also, they told her she wouldn’t be able to drive or fly for 6 weeks and she has had her flight booked for a few weeks to fly up here to me.  So that will have to be postponed.


So my sister called this morning to let me know that my mom’s heart doctor came in this morning and said she could go home until Monday.  He told her there was no sense in her staying in the hospital before her surgery and that her insurance would probably “bark” about her just “sitting” in there for 4 days before the surgery… So that is good news for her since I pretty positive she was going nuts!!!

Please keep my mom in your prayers that all will go well and she will recover nicely with no complications and also I will be leaving in the morning to drive down and I will be going alone so please pray for safe travels for me.

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  1. I will be praying for you mom and safe travels for you!