Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Well, I haven't posted in a few days. Just because I feel like I have had nothing worthy to talk about.

I have been really praying for baby Harper and baby Brayden. These families have been on my heart since last Friday. I know all of you bloggers have been anticipating the birth of these sweet babies and now we wait in anticipation for them to go home with their mommy and daddy's healed and healthy. I know my God answers prayers and I feel in my heart that these two precious babies will be healed by our God. So let's keep the prayers coming!!!

We have been out of school since last Friday due to icy roads and snow. If you saw the little bit of snow we actually have you would probably laugh. But truth be told us Tennesseans really are not equipped to drive in these "minor" conditions. So we will be out again tomorrow and I will enjoy another day at home.

Today our new president was sworn into office and so that meant a day filled with news on t.v. So we will see how our country benefits from our new president. The economy is so bad right now and it is affecting everyone so I am sure everyone is looking for positive changes.

So who is watching the Bachelor???? Who is your favorite. I am leaning towards Stephanie and Melissa right now. But who knows, I may change my mind later on.

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  1. Yes, I've been praying for baby Harper, too! I am LOVING The Bachelor! My favorites are Stephanie and Melissa, too! I love both of them!