Friday, October 30, 2009

It's Almost That Time

Well, in 2 weeks I will be leaving, with my MIL, for my very first ever....CRUISE!!!! I am trying to be excited. Really, I am but I am feeling a tiny bit guilty, nervous, and excitement. Guilty because my boogs is not going to get to go and a cruise is his dream vacation. So I will be a little lost and sad without him. Nervous because I am not so sure about being out in the middle of an ocean with no land in sight and excitement because I have never been on such a vacation. Our vacations are always in Florida with my family. This is such a nice gift from my MIL's sister, Aunt Mary. I am so grateful and appreciative of her and her hubby for doing this, for my MIL especially. It is actually a trip for my MIL from Aunt Mary but as an added bonus she told her to invite someone to come with her. So that someone being me since boogs couldn't get off work and neither could SIL.
So please pray that we will all have a great time with no sinking of our ship. Ha!

Also, April and Brandon will be going to Taiwan to get our grandson Harrison sometime this month and I am pretty sure I will not be back for his homecoming and I am really sad about that. Harrison is now officially theirs and they are just waiting on the courts to give them a date for Harrison's visa appointment ( i think that's what it's called) so they can make their travel arrangements. Please pray that they will have a safe trip there and back and while they are in Taiwan.

Tuff is growing so fast....he stayed home with his daddy today and I get a video txt message of him walking around in a walker!!!!! What's up with that??? He is only 3 1/2 months old for goodness sake!!! (SEE VIDEO BELOW) I just can't believe that grand babies grow just as fast as our own kids do. I just love having him here each day and look forward to having Harrison and BreeAnn's baby too. We go next Friday to here the heartbeat so pray that visit goes well. Of course we won't know if she will have a boy or girl until December or January. I am thinking January. That will give me some time to prepare for having 3 babies at once.

I am in the process of re-doing Victoria's room so I will have to post pics when I'm done. It has been a slow process since I have Tuff during the day and getting ready for my trip so it may take another month or so to get it completed since I am refinishing her furniture also.

That's about all that has been happening around our house lately. Hope everyone has a blessed day:0)

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  1. I'm so sad seeing him in that stinkin walker. I should be happy for that... But he's just not suppose to be big enought to walk that thing yet... UGH! My sweet, sweet BIG BOY!!!