Sunday, January 17, 2010

2 By 2

Whew!! This week was pretty crazy, but great! We will be keeping Harrison 3 - 4 days a week until he is able to start pre-school. His breathing is much much better but the doctor told April to hold off sending him to pre-school for about 2 months. So this past week we kept him for 3 days and I have to say that it was a challenge having 2 babies at one time. But by the 3rd day I think it was pretty good. Harrison and Tuff don't really "play" yet but are noticing each other. They like to take each others paci's so that's about as far as playing they do. Of course Harrison is crawling and pulling up and Tuff is just sitting up. So i'm sure that will all change once Tuff starts to crawl. I have been really blessed to have my boogs here to help me with these two rascals.

I did get to feel Ada kick the other night and that was exciting. She was having a party or something because she just kept on and on. Soon we will have a shower to plan and prepare for the arrival of our 3rd grand baby.
So that's what been going on around here. I gotta rest up for another fun, busy week. Hope everyone has a blessed day.


  1. Tuff and Harrison is just the cutest thing!

  2. Soon you will have a new title, 3 by 3. Hehe. Boys, Boys, with a little spice of girl! :) I can't wait to put bows in Ada's hair! I'm sure Tuff and Harrison can't wait to pull them out. Haha. I love my buddy. He will soon be crawling around and pulling up with buddy Harry! :)

  3. I think this is the best thing for them, to help them grow with one another and love each other! Awesome!

  4. Well, it's nice they are going to grow up and hang together. All yours and Lisas kids got to for a little bit then ya'll moved....booo! So, they didn't get to grow up with Tori which was sad!
    Love ya!