Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baby It's COLD Outside......

Yes, it's just downright cold here in Tennessee. It has been below freezing during the day now for 4 or 5 days straight. Don't get me wrong, I like a little cold now and then but if it's going to continue for a week and a half it needs to bring on the snow......I like when it snows just not if I have to get out in it. And they are calling for anywhere between 1-4 inches on Thursday and yes, of course, I have to get out in it. But I will look at it as an adventure:)
Not to much going on around here since the holidays are finally over. I did turn 44 on the 1st so now that that's over I can just move forward. I had a great birthday with family and friends and enjoyed all the traditional food and the yummy chocolate cake that my daughter April made.

Our heat almost went out during this cold snap. By almost, I mean it would heat during the day and at night it would get down to 60 degrees. Now I am used to sleeping in the cold due to the fact that when I was growing up at home we never used the heat at night. I would set my alarm for 15 minutes early and get up turn on the heat then get back in bed until the house was warm. It worked well but my kids don't do sleeping in the cold so I was getting a little worried and also my heating unit didn't turn off for 3 days straight. So I called our trusty heating man and he came out assuming it was going to be the heating coils and would cost around $200. Well, he came out and after about 15 minutes comes in to tell me that the insulation on the lid of our unit had fallen and therefore was smothering the coils. It ended up costing $80 and I ended up with a warm house once again. If I would have had my boogs check it in the first place we could have fixed it ourselves. But we will know to check next time.

Our MeMe and PaPa days are getting busier by the day!!!! Harrison has been having issues with his breathing due to this weather we are having and his doctor has recommended that he not go to preschool or church nursery for the next 2 months. So while I am holding down the fort with Tuff this week, Papa is holding down the fort at Brandon and April's so they won't have to get him out in this weather. Then next week we will all be together so Tuff and Harrison will finally be able to really run the show:)

So we finally got my BIL settled in his new home. He is really loving it. We weren't to sure about this group home but now that we have all went to visit and get to know the people in charge of running it we are more settled about it now. It's a big relief to know that Kevin is happy not having to live alone. They definitely keep him and all the other "clients, as they call them" busy. They go somewhere everyday if it's just the library.

So what have Harrison and Tuff been up to these days?

- Harrison is now weighing 18 lbs 7 oz and eating great. and go figure, he loves Mexican food.
- He can high five and give Eskimo kisses
- crawling/pulling up
- says dada for almost everything
- absolutely loves and adores his mama. Daddy too but he just lights up like a Christmas Tree when his mama walks in the room
- still wondering who in the world Tuff is

And what has Tuff been doing?

- He weighs between 18 - 20 lbs, and has been eating baby food. Loves green beans
- just got his first sippy cup
- still doesn't get on all fours and he doesn't like to be on his stomach
- bending/leaning to grab things
- sits up but not fully on his own
- and he is also still trying to figure out who Harrison is....

I'm sure it won't take long for them to figure out that they will be a big part of each others life.


  1. Aww, too cute! I LOVE the pic of Harrison looking at Tuff. You said, still wondering who Tuff is, and there was the pic, ha ha ha ha ha ha! Glad you had a wonderful birthday and Christmas/New Years! Can't wait to come up! Love you!

  2. I too love the pic of Harrison looking at Tuff! Too cute! They both are just adorable and I am said that they won't know me until they get older :( I doubt I get to come Spring Break now because I am working a part time job on Sat. during Tax season.....maybe I can sneak away anyway.
    Love you!

  3. Love the picture of Harrison looking at Tuff like "Who are you?"! So cute!! Hopefully you guys will get some snow...I wish we would!