Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Birthday Boy

Happy Happy 1 Year Birthday Tuff

Harrison enjoying his cupcake!

Before opening gifts

A little bit of cousin love!!

He loves his new jammies....I think!

Playing with all his new toys
We celebrated Tuff's birthday on July 17th since his actual birthday was during the week.
It was so crazy that we didn't even get pics with MeMe and Papa or his mom and dad. It was so hot out that we all stayed inside so there was alot going on and it just slipped our minds to get those pictures. So by the time singing happy birthday and cake time came around Tuff was done. He didn't want any part of his cake! But that was ok since he was the Birthday Boy after all.


  1. What a fun 1st birthday party! I especially love the cake!

  2. You have a sweet family! Love your grandkids and how happy they make you! My kids are 9 and 1, but I already look forward to having grandkids one day!!!