Monday, August 22, 2011

Fair Disaster of 2011

Ha! That is just what I think of our spontaneous trip to the fair that was a few counties over!!  My hubby gave in to our very persistent 13 year old and decided to her and 2 of her friends to the fair.  Well, I was not feeling it!! I told the hubby that I didn’t want to go to no fair and he said “it’s family time”!!  So I gave in and I will tell you I was grumpy about the whole thing!!  I am not a big fan of fairs to begin with! I think they cost way too much money and I haven’t been to a fair in several years and every single time we go with one of the kids it just cost so much and I am regretting it as soon as we walk in the gate.  Yeah, the $7 it cost just to walk through the gate and then the $20 for a wrist band (only for the 13 year old, $10 for 10 tickets for the hubby)to ride all the rides you want just doesn’t appeal to me.  Especially when it seems like these fair people think they are right up there along with Disney World or something and it’s so crowded that you wait NO LESS than an hour to ride one single ride!!!

So after sitting in traffic for an hour and 50 minutes (not counting the hour it took to get there) and 25 min to walk from the car to the gate, fighting the crowd, waiting in lines (which I refused to do), we finally left there at 11:45 pm and sat yet again in 50 minute traffic to get out of the place we finally made it home at 1:45 am.  Yeah, I ate some yummy food while my child and hubby waited in those ridiculous lines to get their thrill on, but seriously it wasn’t even worth it to me after all the stress of getting there!! Oh and did I mention it was H.O.T.!!!!! Yeah, I thought I was gonna pass out from a heat stroke!! 

So as we were sitting in the exit traffic my hubby decides to start complaining!! Seriously??  Don’t even go there!!  The whole time we were sitting in the traffic going in I was complaing, whining and I may or may not have showed a little James C.  (that’s my daddy’s temper)…….I told him to ZIP IT!!!!

We finally made it home and I woke up feeling like I had a hangover!!!!!  Hope you all had a better Saturday night than we did!!  All is well now! I am getting ready to have a Taco Dinner for my oldest baby girls 27th birthday.  Gosh I can’t even believe it!!

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