Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Little Visitor

Today we had our newest addition come for a little visit and of course his big brother too!!


so I did get big brother to love on little brother long enough for me to get a few pictures…..


and our Butter Bean was even willing to love on her little cousin….


such a sweet baby our little Gunner….


and after they left, Papa had to take our Butter Bean on her daily ride around the yard….and I think it wore her out!!…haha


Harrison, Tuff and Ada (Butter Bean) make sure they get their daily ride around the yard before Papa leaves for work……I love that they look forward to this special time with Papa and it’s such a little thing…Papa actually ran out of gas in the  truck the other day!! So funny!!  Even Aunt Tori get’s in on the action if she is at home!! Ha!


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