Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tuesday…..Will Be The Day and A Benefit!!


I know it’s only Sunday but the next few days will are going to be pretty busy so I though I would go ahead and give a few details about Gunner’s arrival and also some details on the Adoption Benefit that was held on behalf of my daughter, April and her family, Brandon, Harrison, Sophie and Greer.

We thought Gunner was going to make an earlier appearance than he was scheduled last Thursday when Ashley’s BP was pretty high so we went to see her doctor and they admitted her to the hospital for observation.  Well as soon as she was hooked up to the BP monitor her BP was normal or below normal the WHOLE time but there were some pretty consistent contractions going on so we thought maybe she was going into labor on her own.   Well, evidently Gunner was just wanting to play tricks on us because they ended up sending her home and she hasn’t had any contractions since!!! Go Figure!!!!  Anyway the hospital will call Ashley tomorrow night to let her know what time to be at the hospital on Tuesday.  So as of right now he will make his grand appearance on the 16th or maybe the 17th depending on how fast he wants out of there!! ha!!  We are all getting pretty excited to meet him!  Will give details as soon as I have them….Please keep Ashley and Gunner in your prayers for a safe delivery and a healthy baby and mama.

Now on Saturday we went to April and Brandon’s Adoption Benefit that was held out at the Reddell Farm!  Pam, Eric and their 3 boys are like family to April and Brandon and they graciously opened up their family farm to host this blessed event!!  So a big THANK YOU to the Reddell’s!!   We all had a great time with great food, games, and a silent auction!  April and Brandon have so many sweet friends that love them and support their decision in following God’s calling to adopt!! and that my friends, is called Abundant Blessings from our God.

Please keep my daughter and her family in your prayers as we wait for the arrival of Sophie and Greer.  We are anxiously waiting to get these sweet babies home so we can give them shower them with all this love that is going around on their behalf!!

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  1. You have such exciting things happening in your family! I can't wait to see all of those sweet babies!