Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It’s Gotcha Day For Sophie and Greer


and I have to say, it went “better” than expected I think anyway!! They did cry when the got into the cab and Greer had a rough 2 hours but since we have such an awesome God things have calmed down.  Thanks to technology for Sophie, she is lovin the I pad!! Ha! 

I got to Skype with them all this morning and Sophie was waving at us and kinda dancing around for us.  April says she likes the bows and shoes!! I told Brandon he was in real trouble!! Greer was hanging out and chillin and seemed to be content!! We are all so excited and can’t wait for them to get home!!


Gotcha Day!!


Ipad making Sophie smile!!


Greer taking a little snoozer!!


Having a little supper!

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  1. I have loved following April's blog and keeping up with them! It's so exciting!!