Monday, November 21, 2011

So Excited and Thankful

We are all so excited to meet our 2 new additions to our family.  Sophie and Greer will be united with their mommy and daddy tomorrow (will be Wednesday in Korea, I think?) and then on Friday, they will be coming home to join Harrison and finally be a family of 5.  This will make 6 grandbabies for MeMe and Papa!! Wow!! Our family surely is growing by leaps and bounds.   While April and Brandon and Brandon’s parents are over in Korea, Harrison has been being taken care of by a close friend (thank you Pam!!) of the family! I picked Harrison up on Saturday morning and he spent the night with us and then I took him back to church and then he went back with Pam since they had dinner and then his Thanksgiving musical that night.  We went back into town for his musical and I have to say I have one Rockin grandson!!! He is such a little energizer bunny and he did such a great job!!! He absolutely loves loves to dance!!! We are so proud of our little man. 

Harrison is on the right!! I think he was pretty excited to be an Indian and to sing too!!!


This is a picture that April put up this morning of their first meeting with the twins!! I just love the look on April’s face! So happy and proud of our daughter and her family!


and she says that Sophie loves to light a candle on a cake and sing happy birthday!! how sweet is that?!?!


and from the looks of it, Greer likes to snuggle!!


I just want to say that I am so Thankful for our daughter, April and our son in law, Brandon for their love for orphans!! This whole experience has really been an eye opener for all of us!! It’s so exciting but it has also shown us all that no matter what, a child without a family deserves to be loved just as much as a child that has one.  We love them all, red, green, black and white they are precious in His sight!!

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