Friday, February 20, 2009

Baby Tuff Update!!!!!!

Well, me and hubby went with my daughter and her better half to meet our grand baby for the first time last week. He was being a little stubborn because he was sleeping on his stomach and did not want to turn over for anything. But we did find out that he is still a boy and that is exciting. At one point he had his hand up by his face and it looked like he was waving. So Sweet!!! Anyway here is a few pics from the ultrasound. The image is a little crooked because that's just the way it scanned.

Anyway I have purchased a few things for my little Tuffster. The one thing that I absolutely love are these little camo shoes that I got from

This is the cutest site for babies and young children. Are these not just the cutes thing you have ever seen. I love them.

I have been struggling a lot lately with my youngest daughter, Victoria. Needless to say me and her just do not get along...AT ALL. and sometimes I just think she hates me and I am sure she thinks the same thing about me. But believe me, I love this girl with all my heart. I am just so scared that she and I won't have a good mother daughter relationship like I have with my other girls. It doesn't matter how nice I am or how nice I ask her to do something she always has an attitude that honestly....I don't know how to handle. I can't ask her a question about her day without an attitude. She absolutely will not take no for an answer. She will beg, plead, throw a fit or whatever she has to do to get that attention. I have tried to give her positive attention but it does no good. I feel like I have just given up and it really hurts me to think that nothing I have tried is working. She has a lot of trouble with school work and I have been trying for over a year to have her tested at her school (to no avail) and she gets really frustrated so that may have a lot to do with it. I have really been down about this lately so if anyone has any suggestions or has experienced something similar I would love to hear from you.


  1. Believe me, I feel your pain!! We struggled with our son for years and finally got to a point of normalcy. It's a VERY trying thing and can wreak havok on your marraige so be watchful of that. We didn't realize what a toll it had taken on our marraige until we realized we didn't even like each other anymore and one of us through the big D word out there. Anyway - we went through weekly therapy / counseling sessions for over a year. Our therapist had us buy a series called "Love and Logic" by Jim Fay and Charles Fay. There are numerous books in the series and if you stick to it, it really does work. It takes patience and persistance, but it does eventually work. As for the school, the squeeky wheel gets the oil. Go to the School Board if you have to. Go to the school every single day. After working in PTA for the last 6 years, I've seen the squeeky wheel get the oil over and over again. Make sure that by the time you're done, everybody in the school knows your name because you're there so much. And you can be nice about it (even though Patrice will tell you I'm never nice when I confront people :P), just be persistent! Sorry I rambled but this is a very personal one for me and I wish I had had someone to give me some sort of direction years ago. If you need to vent my email is

  2. Yeah a boy for you to play with. I know if it were me and Patrice we would be like what there is not a girl in there too--ughh:) We will never have a baby girl in this family. I love the shoes.

    I am sorry I can not be much help with your predicament with your youngest. Mine is strong willed and thinks he know everything at 8 years old. But he does mind for the most part, because Daddy will have it no other way. Me I am the softy and if you annoying me long enough about something I usually give in:( I agree that you may need to go to the school board about the testing. I had a friend with the same issue and that is what she had to do and it lit a fire under their butt and got it done.

  3. I think little Tuffie is a handsome little booger!! Make sure you start telling him he has to come before July 10 or after July 20, NO EXCEPTIONS!! I need to be here to oooie gooie over him!!

  4. Well good morning!!! The shoes are cute, did you see Austins birthday pictures and his cowboy boots? We should buy Tuff some of those too, ha ha.

    As for Tori...hmm, I didn't know things were this bad. Where's she getting this attitude from? School? I remember those days, that age. I had an attitude about everything, but to be honest with you, I think it was because of the attitude I got first. Maybe some personal time with her out of the house, just you and her spending hours and hours together will help. She'll come around, you just have to break down for her and let her know how much this is affecting you and that you don't want this to carry on through out life, it's a heavy burden I'm sure. I feel like an attitude comes about when they feel the other persons feelings aren't genuine, even though she's your daughter. In other words, they don't care what you say or what you want you to do. As bad as this sounds, I remember writing a nasty letter to my parents and leaving it somewhere in my room. It took that to get their attention. It was almost like I knew I was being that way, I just needed help, I wanted to be wanted. I didn't change that attitude until 2 years ago, so it's something that she could carry with her for a long time unless it gets nipped in the butt. Meantime, we'll all be praying for you and that God strengthens you during these hard times. I love you!