Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Few Weeks Of Belly Pics

Thought I would update on my grandbaby Tuff. He is now 16 weeks in the belly. Here are the last 2 weeks belly pics. Can't wait till he gets here.

15 weeks of baby Tuff...

16 weeks of Baby Tuff....


  1. Jordan says I have to start wearing something other than the black shirt. Haha. But I like the black shirt because it's so fitting. But he's probably right... It is kind of boring. I will do better in tomorrow's 17 WEEKS PICTURE!!! Tuff is 17 weeks... YAY!!!!

  2. Wow, Tuffie Wuffie is getting BIG!! YAY!

  3. awww she looks cute with her little baby tummy:)