Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Updated Belly Pics!!!

These are the last 4 weeks of belly pics. As you can see my little Tuffster is growing!!! I think these are backwards but I know you get the point.

Ashley and Jordie went to Gatlinburg Valentines weekend for a little getaway and they (especially Jordie HeHe) obviously had a fun time!!! I think he was doing the happy dance since they were in Gatlinburg in a fabulous cabin to boot!!!

Not much going on around here except some sickness. My Tori has been home for 3 days with a terrible sinus infection YUCK!!! But I think she is safe to go back to school tomorrow. YiPPee!!
A little update on her testing....We went to the doctor for her sinus infection so I decided to talk to her doctor about the issues we have been having. She said for us to get her tested through a psychologist and then the school would have to immediately test her. So that is what we are in the process of doing now. Our insurance will cover 80% of the visit but if she does in fact have a learning disability they won't pay after that ruling. But if she has some kind of personality disorder they will cover up to 45 visits a year. I told hubby they would probably want to see us 100 times per year the way me and her get along. Ha! Just kidding. Anyway, it feels good to finally having some kind of progress. Her first appt. is March 11 for a consultation. Thanks for all the prayers we can surely use them.
We did have a parent/teach conference scheduled for Tuesday but she has been so sick I had to cancel and reschedule. So I will certainly keep everyone up to date.


  1. Aww she looks so cute with a belly:) I hope you find some answers. I can't belive your insurance only covers 80%, that is so unfair. I hate insurance.

  2. Jordie looks like a dork!! Ahaha hehehehe!! He looks like a deranged ninja fighting off a bear! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    At least Tuffie is cute!!