Sunday, March 1, 2009

5 Inches of Snow!!!

That's what we woke up to this morning. Now before you get all excited and expect to see some pics, I didn't get any. I couldn't find my camera and I also have misplaced my USB cord so maybe you could head over to and my cuz Patrice will have a few to take a peek at.

So today has been one lazy day. I have been waiting on one good snow this year. Of course, it had to happen on a weekend so I don't know if we will get a snow day that we all look forward to when it snows here. We will see in the morning. I love to stay inside while the kids go out and make snowmen. BreeAnn and her boyfriend Nathan made a huge snowman so I hope I can get a pic off of her phone to post. This was the most snow that BreeAnn has seen since she moved here over a year ago. So I was excited for her.
So on to another note....I am on a mission to redecorate my bedroom. My inspiration room is the HGTV 2009 Dream Home Guest Bedroom.
Now I know I won't get it to look exactly like this but I love the way the bed is so casual yet so comfy looking. I love yellow and red together and also the black really gives it some punch. The rug is my absolute fav but I can't seem to find it anywhere....And I'm sure I wouldn't be able to afford it anyway. So I will be looking for something similar. I have always put our room on the back burner so now I have made up my mind that our room will be my next big project. I did find a white matlesse cover at Dillards yesterday for $27.00. YAY Me!!!! It was originally $139.00. I couldn't believe it. I never find deals that good. Anyway, so I am on to finding some other items that will help me achieve my goal. I will get pics up once it is all done which might be a while but it will get done.
Have a blessed day everyone!!!


  1. I like to inspiration room, good luck decorating.

  2. Yay for the great sale...I wish there were two!!!!

    I think that your room will be so pretty when you get it done. I am ready for inspiration at my house!!