Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April Storms


Equals an “on edge” MeMe!!! We have had a terrible day of one storm cell after another and it’s really been trying for me! I have been a nervous wreck all day but thank God we are safe! I pray for all the people that have not been so fortunate!  I have been watching the weather ALL day and it has really been exhausting trying to keep up with all this craziness!  All the grandbabies must sense my edginess because they have all been out of sorts all day also.

This is the reason for our 3rd and final (so far) trip into our safe place (my closet)


This was looking out my back door!! How scary!!

and this is my crew in the closet


I hope you all are safe and sound tonight as we all wait for this storm system to get out of dodge!!

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