Thursday, April 7, 2011

Much Better Day Today

Today was such a beautiful day and the bright blue sky along with 70 something degree weather we got the grandbabies done with breakfast and headed outdoors to enjoy this beautiful spring day that the Lord gave us!!


The boys took off at warp speed running and playing and picking flowers and Ms. Ada decided that she was too big to sit on her blanket! and she didn’t have a problem letting us know it either!!


So we got her up off that blanket and let her join in on the real fun!!


And Harrison and Tuff made sure they gave her the attention that she was demanding!!


and then she was content!


to sit in the cozy car and watch her cousins continue to explore!


and make wishes on flowers…..


and help Papa with the wood for the fire pit…..


I think today was a fabulous day with our three little ones!!


I am one blessed MeMe!!

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