Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wacky Wednesday At MeMe’s


By Wacky Wednesday, I mean it’s been a crazy, wild and stressful day!  I love having my grandbabies and wouldn’t trade keeping them for anything but I am human and we do have days that are just not in our favor for any of us!! Including our little laid back Butter Bean (Ada)!! She was even in rare form today! 

So I find out that Tuff had gotten up at 6am this morning so his bad mood was due to being tired, Harrison loves when Tuff has bad mornings so he can “egg him on” as they say and Ms. Ada is trying to cut her other top tooth so I am assuming that had something to do with her being so sassy today! 

So naptime was off schedule but Tuff did go down at 10:00 am and slept for 2 1/2 hours and woke up in much better spirits!  The afternoon moods were better but they were still wild and running around playing ball and playing under the table.  I will take the wildest over the meltdowns any day!!

And the boys are a the age where they want to climb on the bed in the playroom/guestroom and jump.  Well I know I loved jumping on beds when I was little so I know this has to be so fun to them but it’s not so fun for MeMe when one falls off head first and starts screaming at the top of their lungs.  I just knew something was broke so needless to say I banned them from the playroom for the rest of the day.  My nerves just couldn’t take a broken bone under my watch.  So now I am needing to decide on what to do with the bed in that room.  I want to take it down but then when we have family where on earth am I gonna put them?  Oh me! Now I will stress over this issue until I resolve it!

I have tried to do a few activities with them such as singing, dancing and counting, singing ABC’s but they don’t seem to be too interested.  So anyway, I know I’m not perfect and I do get overwhelmed but I guess that just means I am human!!


  1. They're too little for singing, ABC's and 123's. You need some "hands on" activities. I'm going to pick you up some things in town this weekend! :) Love you.

  2. Well, don't take the bed down! Geez, we won't have anywhere to sleep when we come up! Find a way to lock that door! Put a latch on up high so they can't reach it :))